Help me choose a watch winder

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    Help me choose a watch winder

    So i've looked into a couple, mainly eilux.

    Im not looking for anything expensive and luxurious, just something that is quiet.

    Stowa Antea Museum LE
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    Casio G-Shock Raysman.
    Casio A158W
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    Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster BN0151-09L

    Watches are like crack...After that first rock, you cant stop! I'm gonna go broke:thanks

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    Re: Help me choose a watch winder

    There is a link in another thread that appears to be a real nice winder recommended by DEAC. I have looked at the site a few times and am intrigued.

    I believe it was in the Steinhausen winder thread.

    Btw, I bought a Steinhausen for a customer and his Seiko auto and he has been happy with it.

    I want to try and control turns per day and stuff and liked the winder shown and am wondering if anyone else can share their experiences. I think the place was The Watch Winder store?


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