Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT
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Thread: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

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    Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    Hello everyone.

    I'm at a stalemate. I have been hunting for a fun travel/weekend
    watch companion. I'm wanting a GMT since I do travel and to keep up w/ a fairly active recreational lifestyle, that could be anything from Hunting, Harley cruising to sky diving, and hiking. Oh yeah, and sometimes just boating w/ friends.

    I like to keep my collection to diving inspired watches,
    So I have narrowed my choices down to the Omega PO GMT,
    And the Panerai 233 8 day GMT. Both gorgeous and voluptuous
    Pieces. IMO.

    I would love to have the both, but as the saying goes; There can only be one...

    So what do you guys think? Has any one owned or seen both in the flesh, and which is prettier, or more fun/functional ? I have some experience w/ the PO but have no way of getting ahold of the Pan w/o buying one. So any real experience would be great.

    Let the hunt for the perfect weekend warrior begin.

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    I'm biased towards Omega so here it goes: Get the PO GMT.
    I find it more fun with the orange hours on the bezel

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    I Hate the Panerai crown guard
    “If we could be satisfied with anything, we should have been satisfied long ago.”
    ― Seneca

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    Omega is too chunky. Go Pam as it sits better on the wrist.

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    If the Panerai did not have the excessive guard and I wanted a dressier piece I would chose it. Otherwise I would chose the Omega since it has a functional bezel and no guard making it easier to wear (I think)

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    I have something else and far more original than the same old choices, Breitling chronomat GMT
    Omega the sign of Excellence since 1848. Jaeger Le Coultre Horlogerie de Luxe depuis 1833
    22 times Olympic games timekeeper, Nasa watch supplier and holder of several world records of precision, Omega has the world's trust
    Omega and Rolex for ever
    Eterna Nothing but Watchmaking since 1856
    Zenith Swiss Watchmaking and Chronometry champion since 1865

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    Of those two I'd go the Omega

    Although my money would go on one of these:
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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    I would go for this if I can pull it offName:  zw-110931w.jpg
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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    i found the regular PO8500 excessively thick. the gmt version is an excessively thick version of an excessively thick watch :)

    i would go with the panerai without hesitation. it's more versatile and you can spice it up with different straps if you're looking for pops of colour or different shades/types of leather. the orange and ceramic shine of the PO will limit that.

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    Re: Help me decide on a Weekend Warrior GMT

    For me the perfect GMT is the Rolex Explorer II despite I have the GMT-2 because the of the moving bezel and I wanted a two tone piece. The Omega and the Pam are amazing, but I prefer them withouth that complication.

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