Help me find my next watch - I need help

Thread: Help me find my next watch - I need help

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    Confused Help me find my next watch - I need help


    I'm having a hard time deciding on a good watch to buy. When I think I've settled on one.. I see another that I like just as much..

    My last watch was a Casio G-Shock (digital) and now I'm thinking of moving to analogue.

    I'm looking for a good watch to suit most occasions (work, social etc) and my budget is £300 ($600) Although I could go higher.

    I like unusual/different/cool looking watches like the Oakley range, especially the Time Tank (Minute Machine) but that might be on the big side. I really like their Judge model but that's way too heavy. I very much like Seiko's higher end kinetic/perpetual calender range .. But I think they look a bit too dressy/formal for me (maybe).

    Do you start to see my dilemma?

    I'd appreciate some opinions on these watches and any others that you think deserve some consideration - I need Help

    Thanks very much


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    Re: Help me find my next watch - I need help

    Timex TX series would fit the bill.

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    Re: Help me find my next watch - I need help

    I can recommend

    All prices include shipping and are in US$. You will probably get charged an extra 17.5% on top of the quoted price, but this will be through UPS. (UK taz regs) I've used these guys a couple of times and service is excellent. (delivery to the UK takes about a week and a UPS tracking number is provided.) They have a huge selection, and no time like the present with £/$ exchange rate being so healthy.

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    Re: Help me find my next watch - I need help

    I love this watch... Not as over the top as some of the Oakley's (I love my Blades), but it's dressy and unique looking IMO.

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