Help me find this watch

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    Help me find this watch

    Hey, new to this forum as a poster (long time lurker) and I'm trying to find a watch that I recall seeing on this site. Firstly I'm pretty sure I saw it on a Watch of the Day post so searching has proved difficult. Here are the details i remember:

    It was made by a British Manufacturer (obviously I don't recall)
    It was not sold in the US but was carried by a online vendor in the UK
    It was under $300 (I remember being surprised by the price and how i could afford it)
    As it was picturered It had a redish brown leather strap with a white cream colored face and a white inner wall and a stainless steel case
    Im 60% sure it had a moveable bezel

    Hopefully this info narrows it down enough for someone to make a guess. Sorry if this isn't the place to post this as theres is a ton of sub forums.

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    Re: Help me find this watch

    Christopher Ward, maybe? Pure guess, of course, but could fit the bill.

    EDIT: and welcome to the forums!
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    Re: Help me find this watch

    Christopher Ward maybe?

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    Christopher Ward C5 Malvern quartz perhaps?

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    Re: Help me find this watch

    Sounds like Christopher Ward to me..

    Anyhow, welcome to the forums!

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