Relatively new to this forum and to watches, and I have been searching for something new - I guess the idea is to "upgrade" to something a little nicer than the several ~$200 ones I've got in my small (but growing!) collection so far.

I've been looking for something diver-ish but also a little dressier, on a stainless bracelet, $600-$700 range (give or take a few hundred...) I saw this Movado at the mall today, and *really* liked several things about it. Namely:

-the stainless rotating bezel (I love this look)
-the size (~42mm, perfect for me)
-the simple, dark dial - with just a tiny bit of color to accent it
-the look of the bracelet - simple, not too busy, a good fit with the watch
-screw in crown
-quartz (yes, that's right - I'd prefer a quartz...)
-overall, just has the sleek, sporty look I'm after

So why not buy it...? Well, for one thing, the Movado jewel just ruins it for me. I was getting ready to try to see past that, but then I handled the thing. I was not impressed. The bracelet did not feel so great - kind of flimsy and cheap feeling, with a clasp to match. And the action on the bezel was very sloppy. Also, the second hand was nowhere near the marks half the time. In all, it just did not seem to be worth anything like the $800 they want for it. (No offense to any Movado fans. This was literally the only one I've ever handled, but despite it's good looks it frankly felt pretty cheap and lousy. Especially compared to a couple of VSAs and Tissots I also looked at. I just wasn't as excited about any of them aesthetically, alas.)

Anyway, curious to hear any recommendations for a watch with a similar look, and similar specs, but that might be a better value (and without a big shiny orb at 12 o'clock...)