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    Help me find a watch please


    I love collecting watches, and the most recent addition to my collection was a Steinhart Ocean 1 Ceramic. I love the quality of the watch and the look, but I can't see it staying in my collection any I am looking for its replacement.

    The reasons I'm selling it are: its too heavy, too thick, and too wide.

    For the replacement...I'm looking primarily at square cased watches. I'd like something that is preferably 40mm, and under 13mm in height/thickness. The movement can be quartz or automatic/mechanical...I'm not picky in this circumstance, but has to be very reliable, and can take living on my wrist daily.

    The budget is up to $600. I've been looking at the Magrette Leoncino, but while I like the design, I think it would be too thick/heavy.

    Please help me find my next watch!

    Thank you!

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    Re: Help me find a watch please

    I think you should go for the Magrette if you like it, I can't think of many cushion shaped watches really except the one below, but it's on pre-order and it doesn't say how thick it is, the only other thing I can think of would be some homage to a Panerai, but that would likely be thick as well.
    I hope you find a watch you like. They sold quite a few watches that shape in the 70's maybe you should buy a vintage one.

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