Hi everyone. I am trying to locate a snazzy digital watch I had circa 1983-85. It had a std numerical digital LCD display at the bottom, and above there was an "LCD analogue watch face " is the only way to describe it.It had LCD "hands" which gave the time, but also could be switched to a countdown timer where every segment lit up (minutes in the inner segments,and seconds on the outer ones) as each second passed, each outer segment would dissapear. When 60 of these were gone, one of the inner segments would dissapear and the outer 60 seconds would light up again. timex have not replied to my enquiries, but Casio have been very helpful. It is not an AA-85-this has the analog LCD watch face but no numerical display below. They have now suggested a Casio AA-45 but I can find no pics of it anywhere. I still beleive it may be a Timex. Please help. Cheers