Long-time reader and recent member. I know there's a lot of posts on here regarding watch color, but quite simply I need some opinions and you guys are a great 3rd party for POVs.

I'm eyeing a Shinola Runwell Chronograph - yes, it's quartz and I know there's a love/hate relationship with the brand depending on your opinion. I've always wanted one of these though, and as I'm refreshing my small collection, this is my chrono of choice. Now, the question is, what color dial to get - in an ideal world, this will be my 70-80% of time watch, so it needs to be able to look good with a brown and a black strap, a variety of office/casual outfits, etc. I want it to be versatile.

These are the options I'm looking at (traditional white, royal blue, steel blue (light gray), and dark grey. For context, my other pieces are a diver (with dark blue dial) and a dress watch (white, minimalist).

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


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