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    Help needed identifying

    So my wife was going through her jewelry box today, and found what I am assuming is an antique ladies watch. The information I can get from the watch: the face has the name Lee (as of now I am assuming it is the manufacturer). It has a 17 jewel swiss movement. Given the state of the crystal, I am assuming it is plastic or cheap crystal. The case back is stainless steel, and marked with "10KR.G.P.BEZEL", which I am assuming means the bezel is 10k gold plated.
    I have attached pics to see if anyone can help identify this. The clasp has a US patent, 2,097,055, which a quick google search tells me is for a J.M. Bender extensible bracelet clasp. It is 12k gold filled according to the markings on it.
    Any ideas where this watch comes from or when it may have been manufactured? I know the clasp patent was issued in 1937, so it has to have been manufactured after that.

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    Re: Help needed identifying

    I think you have basically dug to the bottom of it yourself.

    The 1930's saw the fashion for "cocktail watches" which tended to be very small and usually on a strap which was akin to a shoelace with a clasp. These were often in platinum, possible set with diamonds or marquisite and you required very good eyes to read them (which is possibly why they have fallen so out of favour)

    What you have is in the same general vein, and likely that patent tells you everything you need to know in terms of date such things were commonly produced throughout the 30's and 40's. It is always good to inspect the movement and see if it has incabloc (invented 1934 it gives clear indication of date) incabloc can be recognized by a lyre shape wire running around the jewel at the centre of the balance wheel.

    Also at the time there were many small brands and independents manufacturing watches (very few survived the quartz crisis and the slow and unstoppable amalgamation of brands into groups) I can't much help concerning the brand but again its possible the movement can tell you more.

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