Help needed picking out new black watch!

Thread: Help needed picking out new black watch!

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    Help needed picking out new black watch!

    I'm fairly new here, so first wanted to say what an amazing site this is! I've been into watches for a few years now, my first and only "real" watch is an Omega Speedmaster Day Date like this one:

    It's my daily wearer and probably always will be. It has a couple of bangs and desk diving scratches, but I love this watch!

    However, I'm considering getting a very nice black face (or possibly just a black leather strap) watch for more formal occasions and big meetings at work. This watch will probably sit on the watch winder 6 days a week as I'll really want to keep it in pristine shape. With so much out there to look at, it's hard to narrow down the list! Here's the watches I'm considering, I'd appreciate your thoughts...

    - Cartier Calibre (the new one coming out next month, would probably get the silver face over the black)
    - Jaeger Lecoultre Master Control Geographic (silver face with black strap)
    - IWC Pilot Mark XVI (maybe a chrono, maybe just the regular...)
    - Omega Railmaster (brown leather strap, would probably also get a black one)
    - Rolex New Explorer I (39mm)
    - Rolex GMT IIc (is it too sporty and not formal enough?)
    - or, anything else you might recommend?

    My budget is $3-8k.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Re: Help needed picking out new black watch!

    I like the JLC choice a lot ...

    Here are others I'd suggest -
    1. Zenith Grande Class El Primero (cal. 4002) Ref. 03.0510.4002/21.C492. The El Primero is the only high beat (36000 vph) chrono manufactured in large numbers (relatively speaking, of course ... about 10,000 to 15,000 a year):

    2. Glashuette Original Senator Sixties (Ref. 39-47-0302-04):

    3. Girard-Perregaux 1966 (Ref. 49525-52-131-BK6A):

    By the way, that Omega is a lovely watch as well ... these are probably my top three choices apart from the JLC at that price range (the GP might push your limit, but with an AD discount should come to a bit below).
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    Re: Help needed picking out new black watch!

    I thought these new classic style BR watches at Basel were pretty low key for work.. all black definately is stealthy and you want wear a nice dressy alligator strap or change it as you see fit for different occasions. You seem to be into the fashion aspect of wearing the watch and I can say without a doubt that a simple clean dial and case lines puts alot of emphasis on a fine strap...and not just plain leather, but fancy hornback which will not look right on a busy watch. The B. Bellamich designed font and the curved saphire crystal are nice touches.

    I second the GO senator sixty serious as well if you are up for spending more.. great looking display back watch. My only concern on that watch is while the font is retro, it might not be timeless.

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    Re: Help needed picking out new black watch!

    Check out dornbluth for some amazing high quality, largely hand made, very understated German dress watches.

    Sorry - I'm not posting pics today so as to annoy the hell out of Ulackfocus.

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    Re: Help needed picking out new black watch!

    Bremont just came out with this after they received some design specs
    from a U2 squadron.

    The sides of Bremont watches are usually the most interesting.

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