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    help the newbie

    i am purchasing a orient day date watch,but hate the strap, after looking up the strap size on the orient homepage it says its a 19mm-i want a nice strap with deployment clasp but on ebay all the nice straps with deployment are every size except 19mm as well as the deploments sold seperately? is the 19mm the end where you buckle it?? or 19mm between lugs?? what would you do? --is 19mm to be avoided because they are an odd size?? do you have any negative thoughts about the orient quality??
    thanks guys caddy

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    Re: help the newbie

    Hi caddy, welcome to WUS!
    19 mm is a bit of an odd size but not hopeless by any means.
    Just google for watch strap sellers and start hunting.
    Yes the measurement is between the lugs and usually the deployant is 2 mm smaller.
    A strap vendor should answer your questions.
    I've never owned an Orient but I've generally heard nothing but happy owners.
    Good luck and please visit and post often!
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    Re: help the newbie

    Hi Caddy:

    Welcome! I've owned several Orients over the years and still own two.

    I've been very impressed with the quality for the price. I think if you stay with the normal line (not the entry-level 3-star line) and above, the quality if more than satisfactory.

    A nice step up for not much more money is the "Orient Star" line - very nice watches.

    Tragic is correct regarding the 19mm bands - there's a ton available. Google away!

    - Mike
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