Help sourcing top end watch movments

Thread: Help sourcing top end watch movments

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    Help sourcing top end watch movments

    My Business partner and I have been commissioned to design and make a customised high end watch for a prominent Australian businessman. I am a CAD designer and my business partner a Jeweller. We have never made a watch before. To put it all in perspective our client has set us a budget of $250K USD.

    With a budget like that we do not wish to use just any watch movement. We need to find a watch movment worthy of such a price tag.

    Can anyone suggest a supplier of quality, high end mechanical watch movements? or even better can they suggest (if they still exisit) a custom hand made watchmaker?

    If not then you can help by telling me what movement you would buy with a budget of above $25K ?

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    Re: Help sourcing top end watch movments

    RGM, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, MB&F, FP Journe, there are lots of people who will make a one-off custom piece for you.
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    Re: Help sourcing top end watch movments

    Chronic flipper...

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    Re: Help sourcing top end watch movments

    Before you can choose a movement, you need to know what you need from that movement. I.e., if you need a chronograph, an extra long power reserve, day/date or just date, etc, you need to know all of that going in.

    If I had to outsource a movement to a company that could meet any possible spec, it'd be JLC. They do sell their movements to other companies frequently, so I'm sure you could come up with an agreement (or just buy the JLC and take the movement out). If you need an ultra-thin you could go Piaget although JLC offers some stuff for that too.

    For 250k I would not bother attempting to custom make a movement. What you might do is take a really nice movement from, say, the JLC and then have it custom decorated to meet the client's tastes, including having a custom gold rotor made. That'd be fairly easy to do.

    I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't think there's anything you can ask for that JLC can't already supply you at any price.

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    Re: Help sourcing top end watch movments

    Ask Manufacture Royale, maybe they are willing to create a movement for you.

    This watch here was about 260.000 Euro (iirc)

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