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    Help with bezel problem

    Hello, I recently bought a Tissot T-Touch. This was my first big watch purchase from the US, but after a closer inspection I noticed the unidirectional bezel was slightly loose.

    When I shake my wrist you can hear it?

    You all know alot about watches, so I thought you would know if this is normal on the T-Touch?


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    Re: Help with a Tissot T-Touch

    I am not familiar with T-Touch watches, maybe you should post on our Tissot forum, maybe you´ll find the necessary expertise there

    Btw: Welcome to Watchuseek !

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    Re: Help with a Tissot T-Touch

    I have a T-Touch Classic which does not have the rotating bezel, so I don't have your problem, but what you are describing sounds like something is wrong. I don't think it should rattle. If you bought it over the internet, I would contact the seller and tell them of the problem and send it back.
    Unless you really need the rotating bezel, check out the Classic model.

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