I have both a Helson Sharkdiver & and a Helson Sharkmaster. They are 2 of my favorites in my collection. (Yes they are all my favorites, but you know what I mean) A couple weeks ago I took off my Sharkmaster to put it in it's place in the watch cabinet, and I noticed the bezel appeared to have a mark at the 10. I contacted Peter Helson, and he asked for a picture, which I gladly supplied.

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Peter took a look and asked me to send it in so he could get a look at it. In less than a week from the day I shipped it USPS EMS it is back, and looking excellent.

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I will definately be watching Helson for future releases, as not only do they have a product that appeals to me, but it appears that they stand firmly behind that product as well.

Thanks Peter & Helson Watches