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    Heuer Bundeswehr Question

    Hello all,

    Hopefully you can give me a hand with a few questions I have regarding a Heuer Bundeswehr and that searching in the web have not been able answer.

    Are there any BUNDs out there fitted with the Valjoux 7733 caliber? I think this is not the case though I have been advised that some models might carry this movement.

    Do you know of any BUNDs with the following serial number engraved on the back 3145-12-146-3774?

    Finally, I have seen that there are some models out there completely sterile, by this with nothing on the dial but the Heuer logo and no serial numbers between the lugs. Could this correct?

    You help is great appreciated. If needed could also post some pictures of the watch.

    Thanks so much id advance.


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    Re: Heuer Bundeswehr Question

    Armbanduhr mit Doppelstoppeinrichtung, Nr.,6645-12-146-5081

    Consisting of:

    Watch, wrist, NSN 6645-12-146-3774
    Strap, watch, leather, black, NSN 6645-12-145-6415

    These watches made by Heuer, were fitted with a modified Valjoux 23. The modification was for a flyback reset

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't believe any of the military ones should have the 7733.

    Heuer and others did make civilian versions of these. I believe. Try MWR, some of the guys over there really know these watches.
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    Re: Heuer Bundeswehr Question

    Currently some knock offs with NOS 7733 movements showed up on the market. They have not been issued to the Bundeswehr.

    Knock off made by Wilsonwatchworks.

    The real one with Valjoux 230 and Flyback

    Vive la différence!!
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