High End Favre Leuba?

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    High End Favre Leuba?

    Hello All,
    For years i have had an 18ct gold Favre Leuba Ladies watch left me by a relative.
    I have no history of this watch other than when i had it serviced in the 1990's and saw that it had last been serviced back in 1973.
    It is small in size even for a ladies watch, over the eyars i have searched for the type eventually looking for a value to insure it, but i would also love to know more of it.
    I have searched all over the web (its how i found this site).
    I have an image of the watch (attacked) and will be able to post a better one later on when i get my decent camera on macro.
    The watch strap is black leather and i broke it years ago (snapped in half), this is just to get you experts thinking on it!
    I really appreciate your help in this.
    Thank you Name:  watch.jpg
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    Re: High End Favre Leuba?

    I wouldn't tend to say it is a high end watch. Looks like a ladies watch out of the 60ties. Movement is most likely a generis swiss made movement out of the 60ties, most likely an ETA. More of sentimental valuer I guess. Check ebay for references.
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    Re: High End Favre Leuba?

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    Hi Mike
    Thank you for the reply, I have attached some more pic's for all to try and pin it down.
    Value is for insurance its real value is for sentiment so i dont think i will be searching Ebay quite yet thank you.
    I also have an Omega Megasonic 720hz (think it was 720) with the reciept and guarentee documents the watch is from the 70's care to estimate its value also?


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