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    History 6498

    I get that the Unitas/ETA 6497 was/is a pocketwatch movement. You get the 'traditional' look with the crown at 12 and the small seconds hand at 6.

    Brands like Panerai, Steinhart, etc. put the 6497 in a wristwatch case and... well you probably know.

    I understood these are the so called Lepine configuration.
    But what I don't get is where the Savonette (or Hunter) configuration like on the 6498 come from. Why would the seconds hand be put on the 3 o'clock position on a pocket watch? If the crown was still at 12 of course.
    I mean, a 6498 in a wrist watch looks great with the seconds at 6, but in a pocket watch?

    Can anyone explain the thought behind the Savonette pocket watch?
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    Re: History 6498

    Well, it seems rather intuitively obvious (to me at least) that with a hunter case you would want to hold the watch vertically on the 12-6 axis to see the time and have the front cover swing off to the side and not get in the way. Once you decide that, the small seconds dial goes at 6 o'clock as it does with open face cases..The bow and crown with the catch have to go at three in order to open and close the case.
    It's a good thing hunter movements were around as it made a standard wrist watch configuration a lot easier to do in the early 20th century. In my view a 6498 is a better wrist watch movement.
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