Home sick and surfing...dangerous!

Thread: Home sick and surfing...dangerous!

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    Home sick and surfing...dangerous!

    I rarely get sick, to the point that I have to stay home from work but this week I did. On the couch, laptop in front of me with WUS, Watchrecon, Lionseek and eBay all open. I love the WRUW threads but that said, they give me way too many ideas for my next watch. I reeeeeally want a Lum-Tec Combat, B15 or 17...anyone have one? I am thinking of what I would actually trade or how much I would actually spend...as I said, scary! I am surprised that my wife hasn't taken away my laptop...that's why I hide my iPad behind the couch pillow!! Anyways, I admit it...I am a junkie, WIS, whatever you want to call it. At least it's an activity to keep me occupied while I am hacking up a lung...haha! Thanks guy the entertainment guys!

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    Re: Home sick and surfing...dangerous!

    Hide your credit cards, it's only going to get worse from here on out
    "The stuff that dreams are made of…" - RGM ‘801 EE Motor Barrel’

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    Re: Home sick and surfing...dangerous!

    Sick at home as well. Going into one of those heated and pointless discussions in the public forum might help you forget about other stuff. Not recommended though.

    I hope you feel better soon. I'm on week four. Appears that I got a second infection, right after a second antibiotic treatment. I don't remember getting sick with cold and flu this long ever.

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