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    Hoptroff Celestia Number Five

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    London watchmakers Hoptroff’s Celestia Number Five takes exclusivity to a level that is literally out of this world. You can only buy one if you have been on a spaceflight or are booked on one.

    The watch has three complications specially tailored for the space traveller. Springing into action during spaceflight, the top dial, which normally indicates the date, instead reports G-force, up to 3G during ascent, and dropping to zero in the weightlessness of space; the left dial, usually indicating seconds, instead reports speed in hundreds of miles per hour; the bottom dial, which usually indicates the day of the week, instead reports the altitude in thousands of metres.

    The Art Nouveau dial design is tailored to evoke the flight path of an extra-terrestrial sortie. The watch is waterproof to 3 atmospheres, with a domed sapphire glass, and is available in Platinum, 18kt Gold or tarnish-free Britannia Silver.

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    This watch is available exclusively to people who have flown, or are booked to fly, beyond the edge of space (the Kármán line, 100km above sea level). Currently this includes flights with NASA, Roscosmos, CNSA, Virgin Galactic, ShipInSpace and SXC Lynx. The watch costs Ł1,650 + VAT and is available exclusively from the Hoptroff website with an anticipated lead time of six weeks.

    Visit the Hoptroff website

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    Re: Hoptroff Celestia Number Five

    This watch confuses me to no end. It apparently uses the GPS from one's phone to measure extreme velocity and altitude when traveling in space, but I have to ask; do space travelers actually have their cell phones with them?

    It strikes me as an odd execution as well, as I find it a wee -bit "dressy" for wear with a flight suit.

    It's interesting though, and I appreciate the write-up.

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