House was robbed today.
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Thread: House was robbed today.

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    House was robbed today.

    Fortunately everyone is safe! That said, lots of theft including 4 watches

    Helson Skin diver - my only homage. Really liked this watch.

    Seiko Cocktail Time - just got this a few months ago.

    Milgauss GV - bought this is Maui with my lady. Grail watch. Will have to be replaced someday.

    GShock - given to me in Afghanistan by my chain of command for some work I did.

    The only remainder is my Monster which is good as this is the watch I was wearing at the birth of my daughter.

    Anyway, looks like I get to build a new collection.

    Be safe out there


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    Re: House was robbed today.

    Sorry to hear this. Hopefully they catch the scums that did this and you get your watches back

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    Re: House was robbed today.

    Be sure to scour Craigslist, watchrecon, f29, and eBay.
    Ughhh. Really happy you and your family are OK.

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    Re: House was robbed today.

    That totally sucks. I am glad to see you keeping a positve outlook. I hope you are able to recover your losses and the 'people' who violated your home get the justice they so richly derserve...
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    Re: House was robbed today.

    I am glad that no one in your family was hurt.
    I hope and pray that they catch the filth that did this.
    Best of Luck,
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    Re: House was robbed today.

    Here we go again, another story of stolen watches from home.

    I said this many times before and I will say it again, Some people just don't learn, Always buy a safebox. It does not have to be big,just a small safebox with code number that open less than three second. so that way you can put your expensive watches and other important items in there aswell.

    rob, Sorry that happen but I glad your family is safe. Hopefully you learnt your lesson in hard way now, I advise you getting a safebox.
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    Re: House was robbed today.

    Sorry to hear this and I hope they catch the thief and get your stuff back.

    Having said that, I am glad everyone is safe and thank you for your service to our country.

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    Re: House was robbed today.

    I'm really sorry!!! I'm glad no one was hurt. I can't stand a damned thief!!!

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    Re: House was robbed today.

    Yup, a safe to lock up the watches, weapons, cameras, and other important stuff is the way to go.
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    Re: House was robbed today.

    At the end of the day, it's just stuff. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune, but glad that everyone is safe. I'm the sentimental type and although it hurts to lose a grail I'd take solace in still having the watch from the day of your daughter's birth.

    Also, thanks for your service.
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