How to avoid the addiction?
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Thread: How to avoid the addiction?

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    How to avoid the addiction?

    Hi All,

    I'm new to WUS. I never spent more than $1,300 on a watch for myself. The most I ever spent for a watch was $2,400 for a Cartier Tank as a wedding day gift for my wife.

    Anyways, I've been putting a few hundred bucks a month a side the last 3 or 4 years for my first luxury watch purchase. In recent weeks I pulled the trigger on a new Breitling NAV 01 (navitimer was always top on my list). I didn't pay as much as I originally thought when I first started saving, so the left over balance would go towards the next watch on my list, a Panerai.

    A couple days after the Breitling purchase I took my late father's Omega Seamaster 30 to a watch maker for repair. It's from 1964 and nonfunctional. It hasn't been serviced for probably 2 decades, so the repair will cost a few hundred dollars. Probably half the price of the watch's value itself, but it'll be a family heirloom moving forward. While I was there I tried on a few preowned PAM 1950s.

    The next few days I did some research and decided which Panerai was for me. I was fortunate to receive a spot bonus at work and all of a sudden my next watch purchase is getting fast tracked. Out of curiosity, or not, I called a few ADs and got a pretty good price on a new piece from a WUS sponsor. I pulled the trigger!

    Shortly before the Breitling purchase I registered with WUS. Now having read through daily posts on the public forum and window shopping the forsale posts, I really want a rolex GMT2 and Explorer2! The next watches for my humble collection. My new daily routine has been eat, sleep, exercise with the dog, work, poop, read WUS. Not in that particular order, but you can also add read WUS in between each of those activities. After obtaining those two, I'm hoping it's more than enough watches for me. I eventually want to upgrade my wife's watch as well.

    So before this gets out of hand and the wife says WTF, another one? I need an intervention!

    My wife and I have one in the oven. It'll be our first child, so I'm sure I can figure out what the right thing to do is.

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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    If u are affected already it's hopeless , you will go throughout new purchases for a certain time , then you will settle down .
    Welcome ;)
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    giving up listing ...

    Gone but not forgotten ^^
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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    I can assure you that the amount of time you're spending on this site isn't going to do anything for your cause. Have you considered a Speedmaster?
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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    Sounds like you need a dress watch. Jomashop have a Lange in rose gold for $15k.

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    Re: How to avoid the addiction? came to the wring place looking for an intervention. Watch forums are full of addict enablers. Sorry to say it, but you're screwed just like the rest of us.

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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    Once you get the bug the only way to resist is to stop visiting WUS. If you spend time on the forums you will undoubtedly be tempted by the hundreds of gems other members talk about.

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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    Yeah, you're kinda screwed lol. I came here with 1 watch, a Chris Ward, and now I'm up to 4 watches. Not the best place to be to stop the buying!

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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    Throw your computer and phone into a river.
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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?


    Probably cheaper in the long run, although the high doesn't last as long.

    Welcome to our world.
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    Re: How to avoid the addiction?

    Sounds like you lack a dress watch like a Nomos Orion. I notice you have a affinity for dive watches. Perhaps a Nomos Ahoi Atlantik is just the fix.
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