How can I better adjust this bracelet?

Thread: How can I better adjust this bracelet?

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    How can I better adjust this bracelet?

    Hello all,I have a question regarding bracelet sizing/adjustment. The watch bracelets that come with half links and/or extra adjustment holes in their clasp generally allows you to size the bracelet to that perfect fit, no matter how unusual your wrist size. But most bracelets have no half links. And, after removing a link or two they will fit either too loose or too tight , ESPECIALLY those bracelets that employ a dual push button butterfly (double folding) type clasp. My question is: Do you have any suggestions, methods, techniques or whatever that could add or subtract a few extra millimeters necessary to make the latter bracelet fit perfectly ? Thanks for any information or ideas. Bilal [email protected]

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    Re: How can I better adjust this bracelet?

    Wish I could help, but that's exactly why most every watch I've owned ended up on a strap of some sort. Good luck.
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