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I've got a Bell & Ross Type Marine which I love, but the bracelet it comes with, although brushed, is too blingy for my taste. I've got a bracelet from an old Tag Super Professional - similar in appearance to today's Formula I bracelets - which looks much better on the B&R, but is in terrible shape. How can I get my hands on a new bracelet in this style, with 20mm straight ends, made to fairly high standards? The Formula 1 bracelets look right, but have stamped clasps and cheap pin links, rather than screwed links, or high end Omega-style pin links. In addition, the bracelet would idealy widen to about 22mm immediately after the 20mm straight ends that fit into the watch's recessed lugs. The bracelet on the older 40mm Tutima Pacific exactly fits my specs, except that it is bead-blasted rather than brushed. Is there any way to re-finish bead-blasted stainless steel so that it looks like plain brushed stainless steel? Is there a way to get a bracelet custom made? How do all the guys on the site who start their own watch companies do it? Thanks in advance for any advice. __________________