How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?

Thread: How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?

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    How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?

    Hi all. I have four watches with the following movements: ETA 2824-2, Rolex 3135, Seiko 7s26, and Seiko 6R15.

    Please forgive the basic question but I sometimes wonder whether each are fully wound after wearing them for the day or winding them 25 or so turns of the crown. Do these movements tend to stay fully wound or very close to it if worn throughout the day (or even one day, but not at night) with "normal" use (e.g., sitting, walking, driving, etc.)? Though I rarely hand wind these watches, how many turns does it take to ensure that they are fully wound? I suspect this varies a bit by movement.

    Not essential information, I know, but interesting. I've also heard that if you want to test a watch for timekeeping accuracy, it's best to do so with a full wind.



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    Re: How do I know if my automatic watch is fully wound?

    Well, you can get a good idea like so >>

    Establish a base line power reserve for each watch, by winding the watch until you hear the mainspring slip (or 30-35 complete revolutions of the crown) and allow to run down while motionless. Note the length of time required as "Power Reserve".

    After a "normal" day wear, set the watch down and allow it to run down, note the length of time from the watch being set down to stopping as "Remaining Power".

    The percent power held during the day = [Remaining Power/Power Reserve] x 100
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