how do I size bracelet widths?

Thread: how do I size bracelet widths?

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    how do I size bracelet widths?

    Hi all,

    Any help would be appreciated on this.

    I'm trying to purchase bracelets for several watches and I am not sure of the specifications I should give to the seller. Should I give the lug to lug width? If it is lug to lug width, does the width span from outer surface to outer surface, or from inner to inner? I also noticed from measuring my current bracelets that the width often decreases from the lug to the clasp by around 2mm. So a lug to lug "inner" width of 20 mm would have a bracelet clasp measurement of around 18mm.

    Further, the seller offers curved or straight ended bracelets. I am not sure where to go here. Does this depend on the case of your particular watch?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: how do I size bracelet widths?

    For strap/bracelet width it's the inside space between lug to lug, for curved or flat end it depends on watch case and design. However some can can be custom fit, it just depends how good your watch guy or yourself is at modifying stuff.
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