How does this watch work?

Thread: How does this watch work?

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    How does this watch work?

    Opus 8

    I'm wondering, how do the insides of this mechanical watch work?

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    Re: How does this watch work?

    They have pictures that show how it works. Basically, the hour wheel has a set of pins for each on the 24 hours. The minute bar is just geared to the big wheel.

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    Re: How does this watch work?

    A short description from
    Inspired by pin art games, which create 3D impressions of objects pressed against them, the numbers in the display will only appear “upon request,” activated by a bolt on the right hand side of the case. Nothing appears until the mechanism is wound. A plate joins together small segments, both mobile and fixed. Just underneath is a disc driven by the movement, which turns independently in real time. When the mechanism is wound, the pieces adjust to display the time. As the plate descends, the small segments remain visible, “blocked” by the crystal, allowing the hour to be read for 5 seconds. Technically, all functions are related, enabling everything to be displayed on demand – the minute hand turns the hour that then turns the AM/PM function. The dial’s microbead blasted coating is similar to that of a calculator, while the segments are made of black anthracite with polished sides. As innovative in materials, as in mechanics, the sides of the segments are crafted of amorphous carbon. A material more commonly known in Formula 1 racing, Garinaud’s team successfully adapted it to use for watch microparts. The specialized material has an extremely low friction coefficient and highly resistant coating.
    And a few words about the creator.
    Surprise !!

    Frédéric Garinaud: Neither a watchmaker nor a designer. Just a magician.
    Born in southwest France in 1971, for Frédéric Garinaud the road to watchmaking and Opus 8 had an interesting and unlikely origin. Neither watchmaker nor designer by trade, Garinaud got his start in the French naval academy where he specialized as an on-board mechanic. In 1999, Garinaud attended the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers in Lyon to formalize his graduate studies and began working as a development manager for special machinery in a galvanoplasty laboratory. In 2001, he joined Audemars Piguet (Renaud&Papi) as a technical office manager.
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    Re: How does this watch work?

    i kinda like this watch.

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