How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?
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Thread: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

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    How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I was leafing through old watch catalogs from my former years and started wondering at just how much my tastes have matured over the past eight or so years that I have been collecting. What I once found boring, now I find inspiring, for I am better able to properly appreciate all of the minute details that our hobby calls for. Nonetheless, until very recently I did not have as much as a direction to my collecting, mainly purchasing pieces I liked, but I have now taken a strong quality over quantity approach, as I even further discover my tastes and mark out pieces that I want to add to my collection at some point. This adds a practical touch to the collecting, for while there are so many watches I would simply adore to have, having a direction means that while I can marvel at many pieces, I know what it is that I want to be adding to my collection. I have found that I have a strong liking to pieces on bracelets as opposed to straps, and sport watches with a dressy aspect to them. As such, I've drawn up a list of timepieces that I'd like to add at some point in the future...

    Now, I suppose the point of this thread is to allow all of you to share what you particularly like collecting, if there is a method to the madness, but perhaps more importantly, how have your tastes matured, and what pieces do you have marked down for the future? What pieces, if any, did you like initially that now horrify you? \

    I had personally liked the Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronograph which scares me somewhat with my current tastes... also, while my Raymond Weil is a very solidly built piece with a lovely bracelet, it doesn't do much for me in the present day and as such gets very, very limited wristime.

    The watches I have marked out for the future are as follows:

    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400S
    Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A (Blue Dial)
    Rolex Submariner 5508
    Rolex Submariner 114060

    Obviously I plan to acquire them over a considerable period of time through which my tastes could very well change.

    The Collection: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer 214270 Cal. 3132
    Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT, SBGE005 Cal. 9R66, Omega, Museum, The MD’s Watch, No. 1804/1938, 516., Cal. 3203, Omega, Seamaster Professional, Planet Ocean 600M,, Cal. 8500, Longines, Legend Diver L3.674.4, L633 (ETA 2836-2 base) Longines, HydroConquest Chronograph, L3.644.4, Valjoux 7750, Tissot Heritage Visodate T0194301603101, ETA 2836-2 Jaquet Droz, Grande Date, No. 8/8, J016933207, Cal. JD 26356.4 (Frederique Piguet base), Eterna, Air Force Chronograph, 8418.41.40.1106, Valjoux 7750, Steinhart, Aviation Pink Gold Carbon, A0702, Unitas 6498, Raymond Weil, Nabucco GMT Automatic, 3800-SCF-05207, ETA 2893-2, a few old Corums, and a vintage Zenith.

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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I think this is a pretty interesting thread. I'm sure there are others like it but I have been thinking about this lately and I'm happy to see a thread about the subject. I've really only been seriously researching and "collecting" watches for a few months. About two years ago, I bought three vintage watches, two of which were a Rolex and an Omega. Shortly after I acquired them, they started having issues and I just put them away in a drawer and sorta forgot about them. Two months ago, I got them serviced and they are all working excellently. After that, I really started getting into watches and began looking at all kinds of watches online. I had no focus whatsoever. I like the looks of simplicity in almost all things, so I lusted after simple, yet, beautiful designs. After doing more and more research I started getting interested in different complications. What I have discovered in the past couple of months is that I enjoy simple dress designs but also sports watches for everyday wear. I am a "sporty" person and over time I have found that I like the sports watches because they are more in line with my personality and lifestyle. In the past three months, I have purchased four additional watches. Three sports watches and one formal dress watch. One of them is way too big and I will flip that one. So, I now have 8 watches, which includes my "beater/work watch". What I have been thinking about the past couple of days is narrowing down to three watches plus my "beater watch". What I enjoy doing more now is researching and I'm starting to answer some of the questions that come up in this forum. I think after I sell my watches, other than the three I am keeping (plus my beater), I will be good for a while.

    So, I guess my tastes have gone from simple/classical designs to lusting after the expensive complications to not knowing what the hell I wanted to figuring out that I enjoy both tool/sports designs but also the classic-looking dress watch. During this process, I have come to the conclusion that I want a small collection that I wear often.

    So, if I go through with this new feeling I have of slimming down my collection, this is what I will have after I sell my other watches:
    Rolex Polar Explorer II 61570
    Muhle Glashutte SAR Rescue Timer (in the mail and waiting to receive it)
    Cartier Ronde Louis CPCP in Platinum
    Suunto Observer

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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I've developed an appreciation for vintage models. And I've definitely reinforced my love of divers and sports watches - particularly ones with an interesting history.

    I think I've also grown to better appreciate dress models, the technical achievements that have been reached in making such a precision instrument so small and thin, and the aesthetic achievements necessary in making something at once beautiful and simple. Very cool.

    As far as future direction? A few watches that are currently on my 'wish list' include:

    The Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 or 5512.
    The Omega Speedmaster with a 321 Movement.
    The new Tudor Heritage Chronograph (Blue)
    The Nomos Tangent
    The Rolex Explorer II (White Dial)
    The JLC Master Ultra-Thin Moon (though I also like the non-moon version... about 80% as much)

    Give me $25 - $30 000 just for watches, and I think I'd fill out my collection along those lines. At the moment.
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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I have reached the end ...
    I am complete...
    In my early period, I had a few chronos, which are cool, but really useless to me.
    So, getting rid of chronos and all complicated complications.
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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    Not as much as I would have thought. Over a span of about 20 years I have always liked sports watches. The only difference would be that I play less sport (re: none) and want more expensive watches. I think you have to be honest with yourself and see what works for you. I have read through loads of posts with some really nice dress watches but I know (and wife also reminds me) that I probably wouldn't wear them very often. I have two really nice suits that, on average, I wear once a year for a wedding etc.
    As anachronystic as a sports watch in precious metal is, I can see myself wearing one more frequently than a dress watch

    I have my 'virtual collection' that seems to be constantly cycling my ideal dress watch but none of them lasted for more than a month at the top spot. Its more that I think I 'should' own a dress watch at some point than actually wanting to buy one
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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I have become WAY more superficial.
    I only go for the look now.
    Movement? History? Provenance? Don't care.

    Fit and finish? Never met a watch that stood out for its noticeably poor F&F.

    Complications? Nothing beyond what a run of the mill Seiko quartz can handle.
    Don't want the hassle of repairing/ maintenance etc.

    Resale value? Don't care, or want to think about it.
    So I stopped buying watches with any resale value to begin with.
    I don't want my watches owning me.
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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    Like me my tastes have been mature for a long time now though I was more prepared to give quartz a look in back in the day than I am now. I wouldn't say the collection has changed direction over time, just developed middle age spread.

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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I just want a few watches that I love instead of 20 watches that I kind of like.

    I am going more towards looks and comfort these days.

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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    Well, I recently bought a Rado. That was a change for me.

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    Re: How have your tastes matured/what direction has your collection taken?

    I haven't changed too much. I care less about movements, since I can't really tell what is so special about X movement over Y without taking the watch apart or running a timer for a month or year. So I've become even more skewed towards aesthetics. I've liked dive/sports watches less with time. Well, let me rephrase. I don't like large watches with big simple numerals and I don't like watches that look like half the other watches out there. And unfortunately a LOT of dive/sports watches look a lot alike. If I'm going for those, I will go cheap and a lot of times, quartz. I'm more for simple dress/dress-style watches, though elegant and non-flashy complications are good too.

    I'm also looking at buying a Swatch soon too (for me, not just for the gift). So that's different. A plastic one too. So I don't know what that says.
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