How important is a watch's a heritage to you?
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Thread: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

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    How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    When chosing a watch do you consider watches that have a long heritage over the ones that don't? Or you don't care at all?

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    Not so much heritage for me but definitely a good story behind the brands creation helps. Not a made up one like Bremont mind.
    I really like that Konrad Damasko has a history in aeronautics and that Paul Scurfield has a real job as a commercial diver.

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    What is the heritage of a watch?
    How do changes in company ownership impact heritage?
    If the owner of the brand fails and the brand is acquired by another is the heritage altered?

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    Not important/relevant at all
    A.Lange & Sohne * Audemars Piguet * Blancpain * Cartier * Dornblueth & Sohne * Invicta * Jaeger-LeCoultre * Meraud * Rolex * Revolution Watch Company * Tudor

    "the deeper the roots, the higher the reach" - author unknown

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    I didn't think it was important.... but for some reason I've never connected with microbrands. I've tried a few, but they've never really stuck around.
    I also bought an Oris recently, and I found myself maybe in more reverence of a brand that's been around for more than 100 years.

    I think I'd be really hesitant to buy another microbrand. For cheaper watches, I'll stick with the big Japanese companies.

    In my brain, I know I shouldn't care.... but based on my flipping history... I guess I do.
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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    Agree with John MS above. I think we need to define what we mean by heritage and what keeps it intact. I personally love the story of the watch or of its creation but it doesn't necessarily have to stand the test of time (which is what I think heritage may imply).

    But when it come to talking about specific watches I sometimes contradict myself:
    1) Modern John Harwood watches - doesn't seem like a heritage watch to me to me even though the history of Harwood watches is quite cool. I think it is because of lack of continuity and some sort of change
    2) Rolex is a phenomenal example of heritage but I don't necessarily like their watches because it seems to me that the design does not evolve
    3) Cartier Tank on the other hand is a watch I own and admire the fact that it is unchanged since early 20th century
    4) I think when brands (Oris, Seiko, Longines) re-launch some of the iconic watches it improve the heritage narrative and makes me like watches more because you buy a watch as a nod to "old problems" or "old solutions"
    5) ALS - are they making watches since 1845 or 1994? Regardless they honour watchmaking tradition / techniques and schools of design. So to me ALS may not be a heritage company but there is a strong story with its brand, its founding, its revival, and its watchmaking philosophy all of which are very important
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    I love having a watch with heritage. The first 'proper' watch that I bought myself was a £500 titanium citizen. The feel, weight and craftsmanship was a thing of beauty, but as much as I tried to explain to my friend that, whilst it wasn't a fashion brand, it was an infinitely better timepiece than his emporio armani, he simply wouldn't have it as he only knew of citizens cheaper lines in the argos catalogue.

    Fast forward a few years and whilst an omega or rolex remains waaayyyy out of my grasp, he doesn't have much to argue about with the history of my Longines

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    Very important to me, but only in how I define "heritage". Seeing as how many of these companies have changed hands over the years, I prefer to be a little flexible (and not completely logical) on how I define it. But it definitely matters to me. I'm buying an obsolete technology that can still serve a purpose. Therefore I enjoy the heritage behind names like Omega, Longines, Tissot, Seiko, Rolex, and others. And it doesn't have to necessarily be a long heritage. I appreciate Raymond Weil because Mr. Weil founded the company in 1976 to help preserve mechanical watches during the quartz crisis, and it's still owned by the family today (Mr. Weil passing away just a few years ago).

    This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of microbrands. They can make great watches, but the lack of history bugs me. Nothing logical about it, but then buying a piece of obsolete technology for 10X-1000X more than I need to compared to a perfectly good quartz watch isn't logical either.

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    The only time this truly mattered to me was in buying the Bulova Lunar Pilot. I'm an Apollo mission junkie, almost an "armchair selenologist" of sorts, and the J-missions (Apollo 15,16, and 17) are among my favorites, both for the astronauts chosen to fly them, their destinations, that they drove a car up there, and their geographical/photographic beauty, especially Apollo 15 with the Hadley Rille in the background (the moon's equivalent of a Grand Canyon). I always wanted a Speedy for the heritage and its success on the moon, but I can't afford it. So when Bulova announced a replica I jumped on it.

    Could I afford it at the time? Yes.
    Does it fit me? No.
    Is it mechanical? No.
    Does it go with anything I wear? Not really.
    Does the chronograph hand rest at "0"? Almost.
    Can I find an affordable replacement bracelet? No.
    Are the lugs too close to the edge of the case? Yes.
    Is it heavy a.f.? You betcha.
    Does it fit under a dress shirt cuff? About half the time.
    Do I look like a goon wearing it? Totally.
    Does it suck the life out of its battery? Not sure yet, but at two ticks per second, I'm expecting short battery life.
    Is it accurate as hell? Holy crap... Mind blowingly so.
    Does it remind me of the wonders of Apollo, and inspire me? Without a doubt.

    So, the last thing is why. Heritage mattered to me once, and the Bulova LP is "it." Despite getting very little wrist time, I'll always have it.

    Otherwise if I like the watch, only THEN will I discover its history. Rarely does the causality to go the other direction like it did with the Bulova.
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    "I think I may make bold to say, that there is neither any other Mechanical or Mathematical thing in the World that is more beautiful or curious in texture than this my watch or Timekeeper for the Longitude..." ~John Harrison F.R.S., 1759

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    Re: How important is a watch's a heritage to you?

    Behind the watch company? Yes.
    Behind a particular watch? Not so much.

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