How small watch is too small?
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Thread: How small watch is too small?

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    How small watch is too small?

    It's not uncommon for me to own and wear a women's watches (I'm a dude btw). I actually own quite a few. Casio Futurist, Seagull M182SK with red leather strap, Fossil Boyfriend skeleton, Casio Baby-G BGA-301-1AER etc. They are generally smaller and somewhat girly, but they are still relatively sized and can be considered unisex. However, I recently had a random crush on this Stuhrling Depthmaster (yeah, I know it's Stuhrling) with aluminium cyan bezel and mother of pearl cyan dial. I just had an instant crush on it the moment I've seen it. And it does look really nice in person. There is just one thing about it that I wasn't sure about and I'm still not now. It's a 32mm watch. My wrist is 18cm / 7 inch.

    Sry for large images, I don't think I can set them as thumbnails...

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    On photos it sort of looks relatively well sized, but in person I have an impression it's smaller. What do you guys think? I know today's trend are huge watches, but in the past even some men's watches were this small, would this 32mm really be an extreme for a dude in current time? I really like it tho, but the size I wasn't sure how big 32mm is until I've seen it in person after I got it delivered.
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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    Sorry buddy but that watch is way too small.
    I would recommend 38mm+ for your wrist size.

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    Re: How small watch is too small?


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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    It's up to the wearer to decide. I have largish wrists and do not wear below 39mm, because they simply do not look good to me. Conversely, I recently saw a comment elsewhere that basically said that anyone who goes larger than 37mm isn't a true watch person. Everyone's got an opinion.


    EDIT: I will say that 32mm on you looks like a 40mm on me.
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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    You do you. Who cares what other people think? But since you seem to be sensitive to others' opinions (why else would you ask the internet?), your last photo is the only one taken at a distance that shows what it looks like to other people & yes, it looks small by today's standards. The dial on your Sturhling may be 32mm, but the lug to lug appears to be closer to 34-36mm, which is what would have been normal for a dude's dress or sports watch as recently as the 1960s, which is when larger tool watches like dive watches, pilot watches, & chronographs started to become widely popular & really started the whole "big" (over 36mm) watch trend. But small doesn't have to be "too small"; that's for you to decide.
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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    Ya it looks small, especially on the last picture. At the end of the day though, who cares what other people think? If you like it then keep it.

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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    My wrist is just under 7"...I find that 34mm is definitely "too small" for me based on a couple of older watches I have.

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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    I think the minute you feel compelled to ask the have the answer. I mean, that little seed of doubt has already taken root; so no matter what anyone says, you’re never really gonna feel confident wearing it.
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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    Then there’s 29mm....

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    Re: How small watch is too small?

    < 33mm ie. 32mm.

    I have never been sure what "does not look good on me " means.

    Does it mean " it looks like a woman's watch?"

    Does it mean "this watch does not match the size of my(male) genitalia?

    Does it mean "people will think that this watch matches the size of my (male) genitalia?"

    I have been on this site for a number of years and have never understood the obssession with size, lume on a dress watch , and lack of a screwed down crown on a dress watch.
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