How are watches adjusted to 5 (or 6) positions?

Thread: How are watches adjusted to 5 (or 6) positions?

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    How are watches adjusted to 5 (or 6) positions?

    I've read a bit of the older postings discussing adustments to X positions, and if I get this right, it is done when the movement is manufactured, as opposed to regulating, which the watchmaker does by turning a screw or lever.

    But what I did not really find out is: How is adusting a watch to a position practically done? Is the balance made (more) symmetric by removing material (grinding or with al laser)? Is the hairspring somehow altered? I suppose there are no "adjustment screws" in the sense of "turn this one for adjusting to position crown up", but it is about permanently changing the shape of some parts?

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    Re: How are watches adjusted to 5 (or 6) positions?

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