This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll
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Thread: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

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    This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

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    This new Kickstarter project should find resonance with many Watchuseek readers. While traveling with watches (because one is never enough), Florida based entrepreneur Angela Chan, the lady behind the Genesee Watch Co., grew tired of packing watches in individual pouches and then having to open each one of them to find the watch she was looking for. So she and her team decided to design and create the ultimate watch roll with a weekly planner. So now, just as there are weekly planners for medication, there is one for your watches. Genesee reasoned that when traveling, most people carry more than one pair of underwear and socks, and watch lovers do just the same with watches.

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    A true watch aficionado likes to be prepared for every occasion and to have the right watch on hand for business meetings with clients or casual dinners with friends. Wearing the right watch at the right time can make an impression or help you seal the deal. The rationale is you can't travel with your house, car, or expensive artwork, but you can at least travel with the right timepieces for the right occasions. This new watch roll, allows for a different watch for every day of the week so you can plan your watch week perfectly whether at home or on the road.

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    Canvas was chosen as the fabric for the watch roll as it is one of the most durable and practical materials available. The canvas is soft and will accommodate seven wristwatches with cases up to 45mm not including the crown. The top folding flap gives a layer of protection so the watches will not touch each other. The leather tie keeps the roll securely closed. As an extra feature there is an additional slot for a small pin pusher tool.

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    Each roll, available in blue or green canvas, will display the Genesee logo on the inside flap and the days of the week screen printed on the watch slots. This will be the perfect roll to store and transport your watches. These color combinations will only be available on Kickstarter as a Limited Edition. The roll is secured with a leather tie, which Genesee are going to make longer and the pouch reinforced with a metal ring.

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    If you like the idea but you are figuring out how to put your over-sized vintage military watches into the slots, one option would be to invert the largest watch and slide the strap into the slot. The top fold is large enough to accommodate watches of different heights. It is also possible to store other valuables such as lighters, pens and jewelry in the watch roll. Pledge $40 or more to secure your own limited edition watch roll. Delivery is anticipated for end of May.

    Visit the Genesee Kickstarter campaign page
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    Re: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

    One of the backers here. Great little accessory for a very reasonable price. The ones you find at this price are normally very poor quality ebay or amazon ones. And if youd like a relatively nice one such as this the price jumps up exponentially. Ive looked and looked and havent found anything functional and nice such as this. Hopefully the kickstarter works out.

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    Re: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

    They look to be of excellent quality and I just might have to pop for one, as Norm S. noted, the ones on ebay, etc are mostly junk.

    Very nice.
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    Re: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll


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    Re: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

    I like this......
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    Re: This is how we roll: Genesee Weekly Planner Watch Roll

    I don't think the day of the week is necessary. A true watch lover would just take them all out anyway because they wouldn't be able to resist looking at them again.

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