Well first of all I should say howdy. This is my first post. I guess being a watch forum I should name my watches--well I have moved from Swiss automatics (the latest being an Aristo pilot watch) to my two new favorites--an Orient Snorkler with blue dial (the new one with sapphire crystal) which I removed the wart (the cylops) and a Rolex hommage, mil-sub with a super smooth Miyota 8215. The latter is unbranded which I bought after getting a "vibe" about it. The universe sometimes works in mysterious ways I am thoroughly impressed so far. I put on nylon/leather bands on both watches which is a nice look and feel for me especially since I live in the Boston area and winter is upon us (metal bands tend to get a little too cold in the winter. I am originally from farm country in the middle of Illinois--hence the howdy.

As to the counter clockwise, well I sold a watch to a member here before actually posting. I bought a Seiko military watch (Japanese version at 40.5mm) and when I got it I just could not connect with it as it is a little larger than I prefer. I had it posted at another forum and was contacted by a member of this forum who was interested in trading (for an even larger watch) which I did not do. In coming over here I found a member who was interested in the watch I had for sale. Long story short, he is now wearing the watch and I just spent the paypal dollars so both of us are happy campers.