Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold
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Thread: Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold

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    Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold

    Apparently Hublot came out with a new buzz innovation: The Gold-Ceramic allow, which is a scratch-free material. Does anyone have info about availability of watches using this material?

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    Re: Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold

    It's a great concept, lets hope Hublot puts it on more attractive watches.
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    Re: Hublot has created a new "sort" of gold

    Speaking of gold, at the moment, 24K gold is selling in Suzhou for 400 yuan/$60 a gram, but 95% Platinum is only 460 yuan. gold has risen by 50% in the 18 months I've been here, but platinum only from 395 to 460. This makes platinum very affordable. I've never had anything platinum in my life. Might be time to change that. But I wonder if we'll see a time soon, when gold is the more prestigious metal. i like the way they sell precious metal in China. You pay the intl stock price for the weight and then they add something like 3% onto the price for the actual casting of the piece. Very fair.
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