I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.
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Thread: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

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    Question I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    I've owned many quartz watches and even a few automatics over the years, none of which was very good and all of which were only a few hundred dollars at most. I'm looking to buy a decent watch that I can wear for years to come.

    My criteria:
    • automatic
    • steel or ceramic case
    • steel bracelet
    • date
    • preferably chronograph, though not necessary
    • >= 40mm, <= 43mm case diameter
    • black or blue dial
    • reputable and Swiss brand with Swiss movement
    • <= $3,500

    My top candidates right now are:

    Omega Speedmaster 40mm Date $3,500
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    Longines Conquest L27434566 41mm $2,750
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    Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph 42mm $3,200
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    My favorite is definitely the Omega. What do you all think, and do you know of any other watches that fit all of my criteria?

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Omega definitely

    Also consider the seamaster 300m

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Omega, but not an auto, the real deal Speedy Pro.
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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    I would go for smp 300 41mm non chrono, the one you picked fits like 38mm looks like lady's speed master if your wrist is not tiny.

    You can get about 25% on the smp 300 non chrono 41mm auto easily with cash payment from AD and will be little less than 3500.

    SMP chrono looks ugly...

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    I also recommend a seamaster. Try and source the chronograph
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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Yeah, you seem to be quoting MSRP -- you can do much better from the grey market, or just by haggling with an AD. I've seen that Aquaracer for $1800, for example.

    I'd actually suggest tossing the Aquaracer and putting a Tag Heuer "original-style" 1887 chrono in that list instead. The blue-dial one is gorgeous if you can find it in your price range, and the black dial one should definitely be available for $3500. Very nice in-house-ish Seiko-derived movement, see-through caseback, just a very nice watch overall. For me it'd be that or the Speedy.

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Yeah the 1887 is a great choice. Looks cool and the movement is both beautiful and Seiko designed. Hard to do better in that price range (even from Seiko). I guess might consider going to the source and trying a Flightmaster or one of the Brightz 6S chronographs though. I like the power reserves on the original.

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    I would agree with everyone that has posted so far-Speedmaster. TAG, too trendy and they switch styles too often, obviously not a classic watch for long term enjoyment. No offense TAG guys, I own em too..And two, lol. I would do a mint preowned Speedy, therefore. Google the history of that Speedmaster and you will hopefully see the great badge that it has gone to and the honor it gives itself. But, then again, we all know what opinions are like. Good luck!

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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Quote Originally Posted by omega1234 View Post
    Omega, but not an auto, the real deal Speedy Pro.
    Completely agreed.

    Longines also offers great value with their column wheel chronograph movement, in case you don't want to compromise on the self-winding movement.
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    Re: I am looking for a watch under $3.5k.

    Omega Speedmaster, original, for sure.

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