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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    I voted watch buyer because I am considering the design, material, movement, technicity then price and brand.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    I voted brand because reputation for service, quality, and reliability are synonomous with most top brands. I tend to look at certain brands and then by function more so than just brand. Many brands I'd never heard of before joining the watch forums, but now that I'm familiar with them I wouldn't hesitate to buy if it caught my eye. The non watch informed public has no idea of many brands that are well known here, so to them it wouldn't be a "brand" watch.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    Quote Originally Posted by vito_corleone View Post
    in the end, i'm a watch buyer. If a watch interests me, i'll go for it.

    But, i do gravitate towards certain brands.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    chose "brands", but not due to loyalty, just the opposite in fact.

    would say that i collect watches from different companies. once i have a watch or two from a particular company, it's time to move on to another company.

    regarding watches, there are purists out there, and specialty watches, but ultimately the purpose of a watch is to tell time... that being said, how many actual purposes do you have for watches?

    categories for me:

    1. casual, every day wear.
    2. formal wear.
    3. swimming.

    what categories do you really have where you can say you purchase a watch for a particular purpose, once you collect your basic watch needs? you may have one or two different or additional to what i posted, mebbe some different fashion types you prefer, but beyond that...

    would have to say most folks purchase for brand recognition and commensurate quality for the cognoscenti. not brand loyalty mind you, just brand.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    i voted watch buyer because I'm not rich enough to be a brand buyer...that said, the expensive watches I like probably cost a lot because of their brand but are appealing to me because of some other feature.
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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    I had to vote "brand buyer". I am a Seiko freak and it makes up by far the bulk of my collection (especially divers). I do have a nice vintage Bulova and Omega and I recently snagged my first Doxa with another on the way.

    I also plan to snag an Omega P.O. one day but my collection will always be primarily a Seiko collection.

    Cool question and thread.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    Watch buyers.

    I currently have pieces from 12 different brands and two more watches on order from 2 other different companies. Of the two on order I would guess less than 25% of the people on this forum would be familiar with either, and of the general public probably less than 1%.

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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    I usually buy by type rather than brand, like divers, ABC's, chronographs. I have ended up with more Citizens than any other brand in my collection but that might be because I really love their divers.


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    Re: I belong to the group of....

    Quote Originally Posted by fry View Post
    It's easier for me to collect by brand. It provides a theme for the collection, directs the next purchase, adds to my knowledge about the history of the brand, yadda yadda...
    What the dude said!


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