I can't identify this watch!

Thread: I can't identify this watch!

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    I can't identify this watch!

    I have found a gold wristwatch that belonged to my grandfather. The exact wording on the face is:

    17 jewels


    Searching on Google turns up nothing at all. I'll post pictures later.

    Does anybody else own a watch like this? I'm thinking of having this watch restored. Should I bother? Or is it not worth it?

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    Re: I can't identify this watch!

    Well, looks like a typical chrono of the 60ties to 70ties. If you try a google picture search youĺl find amongst all the chronos "Chronograph Suisse" watches too. Most of them are handwounded, powered by different 17 jewels movements (quite usual for these timepieces). Some of them are equipped with movements which are sought in our days so it is very important what heart gives your watch the power.
    At those times there have been a lot of brands around you`ll find nothing about on the www. Today we'd call them Private Label Brands.
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    Re: I can't identify this watch!

    Yes , hopefull Bas, you can provide photos of not only the watch front, but back as well as the movement and inside of the back cover if it has markings on it.
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    Re: I can't identify this watch!

    Have a look at the last post in this thread from July 2006 here on WUS.
    Chascomm mentions the Sumatic and seems to have a handle on the make and its history.


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