I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession
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Thread: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

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    I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    I don't quite get why people want to pay so much more for an automatic watch over quartz.

    It's more expensive, bulkier, heavier, costly servicing and it does a terribly inaccurate job of its primary function of telling the time.

    I especially dont understand automatic watches for "professional" watches like divers, field, aviation and chronographs. Quartz has always made more sense if you want a true professional watch. Why would an actual professional astronaut ever wear an automatic watch that loses 15 seconds per day?

    Quartz movements are extremely important in regard to modern day horology; especially when being used in real world application. My ACTUAL pilot colleagues all wear quartz pieces, because people's lives depend on the accuracy and durability that these utility pieces offer. All the automatic "couch pilots" who call themselves watch enthusiasts are obviously clueless to the original purpose of these time pieces.

    My pilot uncle actually has a chuckle at those "couch pilots" with automatic aviation watches.

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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    Please pass the popcorn...
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    Some people with automatic watches seem to have a superiority complex when they are actually wearing inferior watches.

    I feel like it's just as bad as people wearing Daniel Wellington watches laughing at someone with an old vintage grandpa Omega watch.

    An automatic "professional" watch just shows you are a couch professional when the actual professionals use quartz and laugh at the couch professionals who are so smug with themselves for having an automatic.
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    10 pages in the next 24 hours is my prediction!
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    Sit back and hear all about how mechanical movements are miniature "works of art" and of course "have a soul". And while you are waiting-read this:

    TimeZone : TZ Classics » It's OK to Hate Quartz ...
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    Wait until you find out about the electric and electronic movements. The worst of both worlds!

    This wonderfully goofy thing has a balance wheel that's motivated by an electromagnet that's timed by a quartz package. Keeps time to about 15 seconds slow per month. I could buy a LOT of new quartz Timex watches for the service costs, but that's all part of the fun.

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    Considering the number of times I've had a watch battery die at a very inconvenient time, I appreciate my mechanical watches for being more independent. Then the solar G-Shock and Seiko Kinetic just look at me like
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    People like automatic watches because it's a piece of mechanically functional jewelry.

    Non-pilots don't buy a pilot watch because they are pretending to be a pilot or care to be one.
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    And yet, somehow we made it to the moon before quartz was suitable for wristwatch duty.

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    (Says the guy who picked out and wore a quartz watch today instead of the automatic pilot watch I was wearing yesterday.)
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    I’m speechless....
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    Re: I don't understand the mechanical/automatic obsession

    Sounds like there is an incorrect assumption that folks on this board buy watches primarily for telling time.

    It is a hobby, a toy, something we like to throw money at for emotional enjoyment.

    It just happens that mechanical time pieces tick more of those boxes for more people than the equivalent quartz.

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