I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

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  • Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer

    21 72.41%
  • Omega DeVille Small Seconds

    2 6.90%
  • IWC Mark XVII Pilot's Watch

    3 10.34%
  • IWC Portofino Automatic

    3 10.34%
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Thread: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

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    I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    I'm hoping I'm not invoking that sense "Of annoying spoiled kid," but with this great of an opportunity and the support of my family with getting a nice watch for my graduation present, I'd like to be as sure of my purchase as much as possible. I'm being offered $3,000 to work with and am aloud to add as much as I can to spring for something above budget (And I have no problem doing so). As you may know, I've been admiring the IWC Portofino for a long time, but I'm considering 4 different options as of now. I visited an Omega Outlet and found it to be quite the experience! Here are the main four: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer, Omega DeVille Small Seconds, IWC Mark XVII Pilot's Watch, IWC Portofino. Here's my main pros and cons with each model that make it so difficult!

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer:
    +Gorgeous design that is bold but not too flamboyant.
    +Versatile. I have larger wrists, so the size of 41mm fits me perfectly for casual and dress.
    +Real Gold Indices be it plated or solid, doesn't really matter me, but it's gorgeous!
    +Exhibition Case Back
    +In-House movement (Not a big deal, but still cool to consider) that is gorgeously finished and pleasing to look at.
    -The most expensive of the selection. It was shown list at $5,400, but I'm sure I can negotiate down, but still, that's still a lot of money.
    -Omega is of course I highly regarded name, but it's very "In-the-know" with the average-joe crowd. I sound like a hipster, but I think it would be nice to have a watch that is highly respected by a more selective group.

    Omega DeVille Small Seconds:
    +The least expensive of the bunch. List at $3,800.
    +Unique, elegant look.
    -The same issue I had with it being "Omega." I don't think I'm too good for the name (If anything it's too good for me) but I'd like something appealing to the more selective WIS group.
    -No Exhibition case back.

    IWC Mark XVII
    +IWC is one of my favorite names in the industry.
    +Iconic watch with not too flashy design.
    +Soft Iron Casing to resist magnetic fields... I'm not typically around Magnetic fields but it's still cool. I travel a lot with family and friends so it may help on the plane if that even effects it.
    +Great Legibility.
    -I'm not sure if it's as versatile. Can you see that going with a suit?
    -No exhibition case back.
    -Revealing of 3 numbers in date wheel is kind of unnecessary.
    -Only available at Tourneau around me. I had a nice experience last time I was there but I hear they don't give discounts anymore.

    IWC Portofino
    +Gorgeous, simple, understated, elegant design and case finishing.
    +Great size. 40-41mm is my sweet spot.
    +IWC is, like I said, my favorite name.
    +I've been to Italy, not to Portofino, but I think it'd still be nice to consider. I like the lifestyle and aura that IWC is trying to invoke with the design of the watch.
    +Versatile. My everyday attire is usually a collared shirt with jeans or chinos. It won't be too out of place since I don't usually dawn a T-Shirt and shorts.
    -No exhibition case back
    -Only available at Tourneau near me. (They don't even have it in. They offered to get it in last time but I've received no word of it arriving yet.)

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    Sounds like the portofino would be the only one to fully scratch your itch.
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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    I voted Omega AT as this is the one I prefer, but they are all great choices. It reads as though you may be concerned that Omega is too well known? My advice will always be to buy what you truly like and want, and not to concern yourself with what others think, as it will be you wearing it. A watch is a very personal thing and should be a joy to wear for the reason that you love it, not because it's more, or less, popular.

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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    I guess - but I may be wrong - that you've already made your choice, even if you are not quite sure. After reading your post it was very clear to me that you really like the IWC Portofino better. So, why not? It's a fine watch.
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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    My usual answer to this question is Aqua Terra but the Portofino is a great watch and it sounds like it's what you want versus what you think other people would be impressed by.
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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    Has to be the AT. It's the all star of luxury watches. And the movement isn't just in house and pretty. It's a really, really good movement.

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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    The Aqua Terra is hard to beat.

    Simply Put: It is high quality, dependable, and fits well in different environments.
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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    Having an AT I'm biased I suppose, but I would recommend it. I'm wearing it right now!

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    If you care about in-house movement vs. ETA, I believe those IWCs are eta based, maybe modified but that would put it in a lower pedigree. Not really the top thing you should consider, but if you're really really stuck, it is something to differentiate them.

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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    For me it would be a tough decision between the Aqua Terra and the Portofino automatic. Little doubt in my mind that the Omega has a better quality movement. The Portofino, I believe, now comes with a modified Sellita movement, while the Omega, of course, has the 8500 with coaxial escapement. But the Portofino is just so pretty! I think that the Omega is a better value and a better watch, but which will please you more on your wrist?
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    Re: I need help with choosing a graduation present... again!

    I hate it when they don’t post pics! Kinda the point in a forum. (I guessed at the model numbers below based on your descriptions)

    Of these watches I would recommend the IWC Portofino. I think it pulls this look off the best. You might consider on a bracelet if its your only watch.

    Tourneau is great for looking at inventory, but my sales experience with them has been subpar. Give Alaina a call at Govberg - they are great to deal with.

    Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer (

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    Omega DeVille Small Seconds (4813.50.01)

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    IWC Mark XVII (IW326501)

    Name:  iwc-pilots-mark-xvii-watch-1.jpg
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    IWC Portofino (IW356502)

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