I want a Panerai but....

Thread: I want a Panerai but....

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    I want a Panerai but....

    I'm broke as a joke.

    Is there any watches out there that are similar in style to the Panny's, but don't come with a multi-thousand dollar price tag?

    ps. I know about IWI's, but I don't know if they are any good.
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    Re: I want a Panerai but....

    There are some very nice Panerai homage watches out there. Same look and case style for a few hundred rather than thousands. One source you could try is Mike Pentrack from Precious Metals and Diamonds Company in PA. He's putting out some very nice pieces lately with sandwich dials and 6497 movements. Also keep an eye on the sales forums as I see similar watch frequently, in fact there was one yesterday both here and on TZ.
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    Re: I want a Panerai but....

    There's a sticky in the Affordables section with about 200 replies on it entitled 'Best Panerai Homage'...you might want to check it out.

    Quite a few people here have good things to say about the IWI product...I wouldn't mind having one myself...
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    Re: I want a Panerai but....

    Just was reading through that sticky and feel bad about posting this.

    Sorry for the bother all!

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