I want to wear out all my watches.
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Thread: I want to wear out all my watches.

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    I want to wear out all my watches.

    I always crack up when people post about keeping their watches in safes and not wearing them in the yard, or not wearing for swimming, or not wearing while golfing, all for fear of damage or wearing them out.

    No offense, but I'm just the opposite. I bought mine to wear and enjoy. Of course, I'll try to choose the watch appropriate for the task at hand, but I'll wear any waterproof watch I own swimming. I lost a Sinn U1 while surfing on vacation a couple of years ago. I was bummed, but she went out in style, doing what she was built for - playing in the ocean. Good thing I brought two other watches on the vacation !

    I have watches for gardening, watches for painting, watches for cooking, etc. I won't wear a dress watch on a crocodile band for fixing the car, but I have a G-Shock for that! I love watches and I'm not going to miss an opportunity to wear them.

    In fact, the ideal situation to me is to wear them all so much that they all wear out from use on the day I die.
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    My little friends:

    Casio G-Shock GW-5000
    Casio G-Shock GD-350
    Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400
    Kienzle Chronograph
    Omega Speedmaster PRO
    Orient Star Classic
    Rolex Submariner
    Seiko 007 Diver
    Seiko Turtle Diver
    Seiko SARB 021

    Seiko 7A28 Chrono

    And a few other fun watches ...

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    The only time I put my watches in a safe is when I'm going to be out of town. Watches are for wearing. I'm with you, brother.

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    Agreed! While I do understand the collectors mentality... I for one will not buy a great bottle of wine and keep it for that 'perfect' day in the unforeseen future... Life is short, let's drink up and enjoy it while we can!

    ...drinking meant as an analogy, please drink responsibly ;)
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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    yeah, for most people this should be true. i wear all of mine. keep them in a box under my bed.

    but there's always the collector who has a ludicrous amount of money sunk into his collection. there's a dude who collects hamiltons- has pretty much every single vintage model. this includes a hamilton so rare, only one has ever been seen. this guy- i understand his collection in a vault.

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    I am with you guys 100%.
    Buy - wear - wear out.

    I service them of course!
    The only problem is that with a very great possibility the vast majority of my watches will outlast me!

    Most of the Vntages, the Original Owner is with his Ancestors, drinking Mead and eating Pork...
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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    yep im in agreement too. I love wearing mine. Currently i have 2 being serviced and its killing me!!! Want them back so i can wear em.

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    Great attitude in losing your U1! Now that's a nice cognitive reframe.
    I'm with you on the wearing thing. Gotta enjoy each day like it's your last.
    Current collection:
    Omega Planet Ocean 42mm, cal 8500
    Omega Speedmaster 3570.50, ca. 2009
    Seiko Orange Monster SRP309
    Casio G-Shock Atomic Mudman GW-9300
    Timez Analog Perpetual Date
    Majestyk M-1 LED Red Quartz
    Movado Juro

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    I agree that watches should be worn. I have no problem wearing til they wear-out, and likely will do so with some. Personally, I like the idea of wearing them, but keeping them in good enough shape to pass on.

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    Agreed, if you're hardly going to wear it, why buy it?
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    I'm content with my watch collection

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    Re: I want to wear out all my watches.

    Agreed completely, which is why I only have three watches in the rotation.
    Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph SPS003
    Oris TT1 Titan Diver Chronograph 1000M

    IWC Portuguese Chronograph 3714-01
    Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE001

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