I wish I could afford this!!

Thread: I wish I could afford this!!

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    I wish I could afford this!!

    Is there by chance a cheaper version of a similar looking watch to this? It's from the dealer classifieds on here but this one is about $7100! I'm sure well worth it but out of my range by far!
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    Re: I wish I could afford this!!

    The PRS-20. However I think they are all sold out.


    Bit my picture, it is Ron Jrs on TZ

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    Re: I wish I could afford this!!

    You may ask on our Affordable Watches Forum. Ie seen a lot of similar watches there.

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    Re: I wish I could afford this!!

    The Precista PRS-20 LE is indeed sold out, and has been almost a year before it was finished (It is shipping now).

    However a non-Limited Edition should be available in a month or so. It will not have the decorated movement nor view back.

    The LE was priced at about $1100.00 US. The non-LE is expected to be about 2/3 of that.

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