Ideas wanted - up to 1500€ to spend

Thread: Ideas wanted - up to 1500€ to spend

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    Ideas wanted - up to 1500€ to spend

    Hello All,

    I joined WUS a few years ago, but haven't dropped by in a long time. I'm considering buying a watch which eventually be for my son (he'll hopefully be born in 5 weeks all being well).

    When I joined WUS I bought a Bathy (quartz) and a year later a Damasko DC56, with the ideal of also passing these onto my kids. I probably would be using similar criteria to buying this next watch:

    - I loved the clean design of both these watches. Simple and highly readable.
    - Size - I can't really go bigger than the Bathys. The Damasko is 40mm if I remember and the Bathys seems bigger.
    - I appreciated these are both small businesses and limited output. I really enjoyed exchanging emails with the people that make my watches
    - Both the watches are water-proof and pretty tough. In the case of Damasko very tough.
    - I would like an automatic again, but would accept quartz at a push
    - Maybe swiss or german?

    Are there any other nice little shops out there making watches that the worldly wise here could bring me up to speed on?

    Thanks, Seamus

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    Re: Ideas wanted - up to 1500€ to spend

    You could look at Ebel's automatics in the 1911 and E-Type lines. They use their own in-house movements, most of the 3 hand autos are available for less than 1300 or 1400 Euros. Many of them are a bit dressy, if you don't mind that (or your son doesn't ).

    Plenty of other options of course, I'm presenting a slant towards high-quality in-house movements.

    Ebel 1911 auto with small seconds hand.

    Ebel E-type automatic

    If you don't like the SS bracelets, you can get them in leather straps or rubber.
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