Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

Thread: Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

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    Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

    Hi, my father found an old brass pocket watch and I was wondering if any of you would be able to help me find out how old it is, valuable, rare or if its a fake. I have spent hours searching for any signs of this hunting-case brass watch, with less than no luck. I literally could not find a single thing on the mere existence of this watch, or for that matter, even the company name! Any help would be very much appreciated thanks. I will link any significant pictures and information that I can find.
    Brand: Hartford Watch Co.
    Number inside of front cover: F24454
    Serial number: 975394
    Other engravings: none except for the letter "s" and "F"
    I did however find a site that said, matching the approx. serial number, that the watch may have been created around 1867, I would be very pleased if this were true, thank you for your time
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    Re: Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

    That looks to me like a classic Swiss fake-it's a low grade Swiss made watch that has the appearance of an American made product and an American sounding name.
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    Re: Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

    Oh, okay well, not exactly the news I was hoping for, but very helpful so thank you. Any Idea on the age?

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    Re: Identity Crisis, pocket watch.

    Looks like it might be a Swiss fake to me as well. If it's made after 1871 you should be able to see "Swiss" stamped on the movement somewhere although it's likely to be very small and well hidden. Prior to 1871 it was not required by US Law.
    Swiss fakes can be interesting and collectible in their own right, but as Ben said they don't measure up in quality to the genuine American watches of the time.

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