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    Want to hear some opinions on Ikepod...IMHO, Mark Newson is a brilliant designer. But are his watches quality? I'm thinking about getting one but I hardly see any on the sales corner, are they that rare? or people just not feelin' it?
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    Re: Ikepod

    I used to own a Seaslug, and I loved it. My only real issue with the watch (and why I sold it) was that ultimately it was too small at 39mm. Other than that it kept excellent time and evinced a level of design harmony that few watches achieve, IMO. Every aspect of the piece, from the case to the dial to the hands to the strap all echoed one another in a way that was truly unique. Honestly, if it were just a couple of mm's larger in diameter I'd still own it.


    PS - I might try out a Hemipode one of these days, if one pops up at the right time (i.e. I have the money on hand, and a couple of other pieces I'm on the hunt for have already taken up residence in my watch box ...).
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    Re: Ikepod

    Brilliant watches. Fantastic execution.

    As much as I admire them, they command more than I care to spend on one, even pre-loved. There are others I'd be looking at, in that price range.

    If I could justify the price, I'd be a proud owner

    Good luck in your search,
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    Re: Ikepod

    I think the Hemipode is a great looking watch; just too bloody expensive.

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    Re: Ikepod

    They suck!

    If you find a Seaslug, let me know so I can buy it to make sure no one gets ripped off.

    In my opinion they are cult watches which after the initial fad wears off, they change hands frequently until they settle down with owners who grasp them tightly. This is why you don't see many for sale.

    I've got a few watches on my buy list, like the Seaslug.

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    Re: Ikepod

    I love 'em. Marc Newson's designs are aquired by art afficionados worldwide - his Lockeed Lounge sold last April at auction for $1.6 million so his eye for streamlined retro-modern design is well respected. I think his watches were made with the same passion and inginuity even if the company went bust in '03-ish. I have an original company Hemipode and love it. It has a gloss dark finish case and for the life of me I cannot determine if it is PVD coated steel or Ceramic. I'm thinking steel but if anyone can help me out, that would be great. I've been to several reputable places in NYC and no one can say with certainty. I don't think Ikepod made ceramic cases but hey, ya never know.

    Immage attached (dial sunburn included - that will teach me).
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