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    Off Topic post Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    After a long while of not pursuing any new watch purchases Ive once again been bitten by the watch bug.
    Wifey (AKA "wallet") thinks Im crazy and I may be but whats one to do besides take more meds(or buy more watches)?

    Besides my ongoing battle with serious health issues I think my long battle with Paypal kind of turned me off to doing transactions online which may have led to my non interest in any new additions to the collection.I wont go into detail because its a very long story.

    shameless plug part

    To all who have seen a watch or two that Ive posted on the sales corner,I can now accept Paypal as payment!

    I digress.
    I recently picked up a Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk AT (radio controled with the atomic clock) and am amazed not only at its beauty (I got the black PVD one)but also amazed at the technology in this piece."What?" you might say,"Lynn wearing a QUARTZ watch?".OK,so Im no longer a watch snob.
    This is the first quartz watch Ive worn in many years and I cant seem to get it off my wrist.
    It has 2 alarms to remind me when its medicine time,a UTC clock,a 24hr clock,a chronograph,and a countdown timer,a E6B flight computer bezel,day date month.......oh,and it also tells the time.

    I am a true gear head so Im sure this one will eventually end up in the watch box,but,the neat thing to me is I pull it out of the box and it will allways have the correct time(handy for setting my mechanical watches),and I never have to change the battery!

    What will they think of next?

    Its really nice to be back in the WUS community,some may remember me but Im sure there are a lot who dont even know me.
    Should I post my WIS bio?
    What say you all?

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug... about a blast from the past!

    What happened to quartz=blech huh? I am thinking you might be an imposter though since the real Lynn would never wear a quartz watch

    Good to see you being pulled back in to the WIS world

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    Welcome back Lynn.

    Glad your health is better (or at least under control).

    I also just picked up an AT (I got the Blue Angels model because I love the blue and yellow). You're right - this is an amazing watch and I find myself wearing it several times a week (I'm also a recovering automatic snob).

    I hope to see more posts forthcoming.

    - Mike
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    And a few other fun watches ...

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    Thanks for the warm welcome back!
    Its nice to be back in my hobby (addiction?).

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    Welcome back, may the Gods bless you with better health!!

    I bought that Citizen AT B.A. modell to my Father in law, swapped it for his 16 y old Breitling.
    He loves the Citizen. I love the Breitling!!

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    Oh wow! Welcome back, it's been years. I still have a bunch of my Invictas Man I miss that old forum. Glad you're feeling a bit better, best of luck!

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    Re: Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...

    Hey mate! Welcome back..

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