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    It had to happen eventually. My gadget lust has found automatic watches. Unfortunately, a friend of mine has a Hublot watch. This means that I've come across the Bigger Bang watches, and have spotted their Bigger Bang in Platinum (model 308.TX.130.RX, visible in their "Catalogue Prestige" on the website). It's a beautiful watch. It has well and truly pressed my gadget-lust buttons.

    Unfortunately, I can't quite afford to buy that right now. So, I'm after recommendations, based on this list:
    • I want to see the movement working through the face of the watch.
    • I want some contrast between the hands and the mechanism.
    • I DO NOT want an ostentatious/in-your-face watch.
    • I would like the watch to not run down after 12 hours without movement - I take my watch off when I sleep, but leave it where I can see it.
    • I would like to be able to read my watch in the dark (by any mechanism - my current watch has tritium vials)
    • I would like to be able to afford this watch.
    I'm not an unrealistic man (I've been very well photoshopped, and you can barely see the edits). I know that I won't necessarily get all of the above.

    What I'm asking for here is suggestions from the community, along with a sample image or images for some watches. If you can't fulfill all the requirements on this list with a particular watch, just let me know which it doesn't do.

    For reference, I'm an engineer who lusts after the display of fine movement. I'm not a company owner who needs to spend a large amount on a gold watch with rubies and other precious metals embedded in, so that the watch proudly exclaims how expensive it is. My current watch is a KHS Commander Titan Pro.

    I'm not going to put a timescale on this, and nor am I going to specify a budget. When the time comes that I think "y'know, now's a great time to buy that watch", I'll re-read this thread seriously again, and pick the best of the contenders. For now, it's just watch ..... Unless a really good candidate shows up.

    Happy pasting!

    [EDIT: I have this weird feeling that at some point in the next year or so I'm going to learn how to make something from components, and then spending the money to make my ideal watch... ]
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    Re: I'm looking for...

    Oris - Artelier Skeleton

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    Re: I'm looking for...

    Frederique Constant offers watches you are looking for.

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