Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4
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Thread: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

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    Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    I've been on the hunt for a tritium tube watch with arabic numerals for a couple of months. After looking at the usual suspects, namely Traser, Ball, Nite, Lum Tec, Luminox et al, I came upon an interesting little micro-brand from Germany called Bombfrog.

    They only make (from what I can tell) one model with tritium and it's a diver. I was originally wanting something a little thinner, like a field style watch. I came very close to getting the Traser Officer Pro, but I couldn't get over the non-PVD crown on a PVD watch, just looked odd to me.

    So I read some reviews of this series from Bombfrog and they were pretty positive. They used to sell in the US via a distributor, Brady Straps, but when I contacted them they said they no longer rep them. So Bombfrog has an online store and sure enough, they ship to the US. Unfortunately, the BT 25 I was looking for, with the Bombfrog logo on the dial, was out of stock.

    I emailed them and got a quick reply back from the owner, Dirk (whose last name is Assmann, which cracks me up as a Seinfeld fan!) and he said they're working on a "version 4" of this watch. He said he'd email me when it's available and a few weeks later he did and I pulled the trigger!

    That was 2+ weeks ago and despite them shipping quickly (ordered on Sat, shipped Mon) it took exactly 2 weeks to get to me from Germany. Here are the specs from their website with a little editing to clean up:

    Material: stainless steel 316L

    Color: black

    Case: 51 mm

    Bezel: unidirectional rotatable, 120 clicks with blue Swiss H3-Tritium-tube

    Bezel: 44.5 mm

    Glass: non reflective sapphire glass

    Movement: automatic movement, Seiko NH35

    Dial: Black, luminous index Gaseous tritium light source / Swiss mb microtec trigalight

    Date Display: Yes

    Bracelet: NATO- strap

    Lug with: 22 mm

    Water-Resistance: Up to 900 feets (30 ATM)

    Weight: 130 grams

    It's definitely chunky, but not as bad as I thought on my 7.5" wrist. I immediately ditched the cheapo Nato strap included and tried a Da Luca 2-piece Nato. It looked good, but I found the finishing on the wrist to be rough and uncomfortable, so it's going back. I had a Isofrane with a DLC buckle so that's what it's on now and I'm reasonably happy with it.

    So on to the watch, initial impressions:

    - it's big but fits well on my wrist with nicely curved lugs

    - the dial is well executed and very legible; I was initially uncertain about the new sub-minute markers around the outside of the dial (which was not on version 3), but I don’t mind it

    - the crown feels substantial and winds very smoothly, surprisingly so given the relatively cheap movement

    - setting was fine, it hacks and the hands move very quikly per crown rotation

    - the lume is fantastic (as it should be) with orange markers illuminating the 12 position and all hours and hands lumed in blue, very bright (MB Microtech)

    - the bezel clicks nicely, no play and it has a flat, non-glossy finish

    - the crown is thick and has a knurled, grippy surface, reminds me of a Promaster (it is not signed however)

    - the PVD seems good so far, I had the usual spring pin issues and tried to be careful but had it pop out a few times on the underside lugs and no scratches

    All in all, this is a solid, nice looking automatic diver / tactical watch with great tritium execution and a reliable, known quantity movement. .The company seems responsive and the price was right at about $400 USD shipped. .Now on to some pics!

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    Re: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    D'oh, I forgot the best part, lume shot!

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    Re: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    Good watch for the zombie apocalypse! ( it's coming, trust me)

    its a big boy, but it looks like it wears well on your wrist and I've always loved that bombfrog logo.

    thanks for sharing the pics.
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    Re: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    Congrats! The watch looks really great! Thanks for posting on the DWF so I could pop over here for the pics. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan too, so the moniker you reference is indeed amusing.

    Enjoy your cool new stealth tritium! Happy New Year!

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    Re: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    Good choice!
    I´m a huge fan of the bombfrog watches. Version 4 is the best tritium watch on the market, so far. I compared them all.
    I would love to know whats written on his licensplate?

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    Yeah, it's a big boy, but I can also confirm that even on my small wrist (I normally have to use one of the last three holes of most straps) it doesn't look too clumsy.

    BTW: Nice review!
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    Re: Incoming: Bombfrog BT 25 Tritium Diver / Tactical Version 4

    Congrats! It a nice watch, really love the "Tactical" looking.
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