An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One

Thread: An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One

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    An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One

    The Polio Plus Foundation was launched in 1985 with the objective of vaccinating all children in the world against paralytic polio. To date, Rotary has already invested over US$800 million in its effort to eradicate polio and Rotarians have participated in the vaccination of over two billion children in 122 countries.

    In 2009, the Rotary and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation raised funds amounting to US$550 million. These funds were used to finance the purchase of vaccines, to provide vital operational support, medical staff, laboratory equipment and the in-country training of essential medical personnel.

    Rotary also plays a major part in the decision-making of donor States who so far have contributed to the tune of US$ 4 billion to this cause.

    Thanks to its huge international network of local volunteers, Rotary is at the heart of the international partnership for the eradication of polio. Rotarians participate in the delivery of vaccines, social awareness actions, and look after the logistics in cooperation with the Health Ministries of the countries involved as well as with the WHO (OMS), UNICEF, and the CDC of Atlanta.

    Time to act

    The Time to Act programme is the revolutionary project of the Rotary Club Marseille Rive Neuve. It consists of the introduction of 5 innovative collectible watches – one a year over the next 5 years. Developed in Switzerland, each watch will be created by 5 eminent persons. Each watch will contain a special mechanism or micro program which will symbolise the daily battle of Rotarians’ in working towards a world without polio.

    Polio Watch One will be delivered in a 5-compartment case to encourage each donor to be involved through to the end of this hugely worthwhile adventure. The objective of the program is to raise US$500 million for the Polio Plus Foundation which, in turn, will promote better public awareness of Rotary International and its actions worldwide.

    Polio Watch One

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    The first collectible watch, designed by Marc Alfieri, uses a Swiss-made movement, specially developed for the programme. The buyer, the “donor” can actually see the progress of the fundraising on the dial of the watch in real time. This is achieved by a symbolic representation of the polio virus placed at 6 o’clock over a hidden, rotating world globe. This “virus” will then disappear gradually, following the progress of fundraising.

    Once the virus disappears from the dial, a terrestrial globe will appear and rotate around its axis 24 hours a day as a symbol of a Polio free world! This unique movement interacts with an Application for iPhone or Androïd via Bluetooth which will receive the fundraising progress and information via the internet. The application will also show the progress of fundraising country by country and it will provide the watch with an automatic time and time zone setting.

    Time to help

    This watch will be on sale on Polio Watch – Time To Act – En, Polio Watch Facebook page, or and other partner sites. The price of the watch is US$650, of which $150 will be directly credited to the Rotary Foundation and the fight against Polio.

    You can register your interest in buying the Polio Watch One now on Polio Watch – Time To Act – En (click on link below) and they will contact you to advise a delivery date and the standard payment terms.

    Visit the Poliowatch website

    Visit the Rotary website

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    Re: An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One

    no one has one yet? very interesting design and concept

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    Re: An incredible watch to fight an eradicable disease: Polio Watch One

    Quote Originally Posted by N.Caffrey View Post
    no one has one yet? very interesting design and concept
    The Poliowatch is now available at Produits | Poliowatch Shop | Time To Act, Poliowatch One
    The watch was presented in Baselworld 2014 with the new EDELBERG edition .
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