Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

Thread: Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

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    Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

    I have been trying to locate info about an "homage" watch I recently saw posted..its an all black version of a panerai and I hope to hear from anyone out there who may be familiar with it as far as availability and pricing...I plan on changing the appearance anyway and just don't have a spare couple of grand$ laying about..
    Hope for some info!!!

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    Re: Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

    You may ask on our Affordable Watches Forum. There you´ll find the information you´re looking for.

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    Re: Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

    I've been looking to purcahse a Panny homage as well and I am considering the Mark V or an unbranded version. Go on ebay and type in "Mk5" or use the search function here and type in "Panny homage" and you'll see a bunch of threads.

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    Re: Info about Mark V homage watch, please...

    These are not very good watches as you may have already guessed and can be got on Ebay for about $49. they have a cheap chinese copy of a citizen type auto movment and are not water proof. Usually they fog up and fill with condensation or the crown falls off. I have had 2 that lasted about a month each but have heard of people with them lasting for more than 12 months. They are ok for a cheap beater but dont expect to much fo $49.

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