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    Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    I recently inherited a 300+ piece swatch collection. I don't have a use for this many, does anyone know any place in the US that might be interested in them? There is a Netherlands company interested but it would cost too much to ship them ($700). One-off EBay'ing would be a lot of work and if I sold as a lot I am not sure I'd even get a bid?!
    Is there any US interest in swatch collecting?

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    My wife loves them... well, some.
    I am sure I'd buy a few from ya if you put them up.
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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    Just from what I've observed, 95% of Swatches aren't collectible. They're worth slightly below original MSRP if they're in top shape, and worth next to nothing if they're in worn shape.

    The other 5% are the kind of watch that was rare, special, or otherwise perks up the ears of the very limited population of very serious Swatch collectors around the world. They're limited, have special packaging, or they're one of the very, very early Swatches that collectors are chasing as they increasingly disappear.

    It will require you examining each watch, looking it up to see what kind of value and interest it has. I think and ebay will be your best weathervanes on this. I would figure out the stand-outs, sell those separately in individual lots, and then take all of the rest and put them up in one huge lot.

    Like most things like this, it will take a little work to get the most money.
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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    Where are you located that Shipping to Squiggly is $700?
    Thank you, I'm flattered, but, please don't click any "Likes" for me (unless there's a prize for "most likes")?

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    US to Netherlands for 2x 35lb boxes of watches is about $700....

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    How much do you value to 300 watches at?

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    Quote Originally Posted by ejdbroker View Post
    US to Netherlands for 2x 35lb boxes of watches is about $700....
    And how big is each box?
    One 14" cubed box at 35lbs would be $132 via USPS Priority International.

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    Going off of Ebay prices, 10,000 - 20,000 but that is pretty unreasonable. I'd be willing to get rid of as a lot for much much less.

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    These are 18" cube boxes. Most of the special sets are in large boxes.

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    Re: Inherited Large Swatch Collection

    Here's my list.
    Are any worth
    anything substantial?

    Name Type
    SCN 109 Fury Chrono
    SCJ 101 Grand Prix Chrono
    SCG 104 Hitch Hiker Chrono
    SCB 107 Roller Ball Chrono
    SCN 104 Timeless Zone Chrono
    SCN 103 JFK Chrono
    SCK 101 Blue Chip Chrono
    SCK 100 Wild Card Chrono
    SCK 102 Riding Star Chrono
    SCN 100 Skipper Chrono
    SCK 104 Jelly Stag Chrono
    SCG 105 Tyrone Chrono
    SCK 103 Windmill Chrono
    SCN 102 Silver Star Chrono
    SCM 100 Goldfinger Chrono
    SCJ 100 Neo Wave Chrono
    SCB 109 Collossal Chrono
    SCM 102 Jet Lag Chrono
    SCM 101 Sirio Chrono
    SCN 112 Echodeco Chrono
    SCK 400 Whipped Cream Chrono
    SCL 103 PinkSprings Chrono
    SCB 108 Award Chrono
    SSK 105 Andale Stopwatch
    SSM 101 Black Deco Stopwatch
    SSK 102 Movimento Stopwatch
    SSM 102 Yellow Star Stopwatch
    SSK 100 Coffee Break Stopwatch
    SSB 101 Night Shift Stopwatch
    SSN 101 Time Cup Stopwatch
    SSK 104 Metal Flash Stopwatch
    GM 117 Rocking 24hr
    GK 188 Monterosso 24hr
    GG 125 Index 24hr
    GM 119 Campana 24hr
    GN 145 Tonite 24hr
    GZ 143 Time to Reflect Cinema
    GZ 141 Eiga Shi Cinema
    GZ 142 Despiste Cinema
    SLR 100 Fandango Musical
    SLM 103 Ovation Musical
    SLG 102 Ring a Bell Musical
    SLM 106 Cantautore Musical
    SLJ 100 Tambour Musical
    SLJ 101 Fagotto Musical
    SLM 102 Sax Musical
    SRN 100 Happy Blue Solar
    SRM 100 Sig of Times Solar
    SRK 101 Gufo Solar
    SRK 103 High Temp Solar
    SRB 100 Moonshine Solar
    SKK 102 Direction Access
    PPK 101 Pocket Mix Pop
    PUB 101 CD Rack Pop
    SAK 104 Nachtigall Automatic
    SAN 100 Blue Matic Automatic
    SAK 102 Time to Move Automatic
    SAN 102 Baru Automatic
    SAK 106 St Peters Gate Automatic
    SAN 101 Mappamondo Automatic
    SAM 404 Last Week Next Week Automatic
    SAK 109 Happy Wheels Automatic
    SAK 400 Graue Huette Automatic
    SAK 112 Eismeer Automatic
    SAK 100 Francois 1er Automatic
    SAP 100 Girasole Automatic
    SAO 100 Arcimboldo Automatic
    SAN 400 Brick-ett Automatic
    SAB 102 Black Circles Automatic
    SAN 100 Blue Matic Automatic
    SAM 100 Rubin Automatic
    SAG 400 Avenida Automatic
    SAM 400 Roppongi Automatic
    SAK 101 Red Ahead Automatic
    SAB 100 Black Motion Automatic
    GB 414 Spot Flash Original
    GA 106 Pulsometer Original
    GG 102 Old Bond Original
    GK 163 Space Tracing Original
    GK 179 Azimut Original
    GK 147 Gruau Original
    GK 139 Gulp Original
    GN 900 Devotion Original
    GP 107 Peota Original
    GG 116 Frische Fische Original
    GM 112 Silver Planet Original
    GK 152 Spades Original
    GN 122 Photoshooting Original
    GN 120 Back Stage Original
    GN 134 Space People Original
    GM 111 Sari Original
    GN 125 Crazy Eight Original
    GB 156 Twelve Apostles Original
    GR 114 Fritto Misto Original
    GK 154 Cuzco Original
    GM 116 Neige Original
    GM 108 Nueni Original
    LN 118 Mariana Original
    GP 108 First Original
    GN 129 Paella Original
    GL 105 Soleil Original
    GK 117 Turbine Original
    GK 141 Discobolus Original
    GK 131 Typesetter Original
    GK 140 Blue Anchorage Original
    GG 117 Curling Original
    GN 127 Postcard Original
    GB 149 Glance Original
    GX 125 Dehli Original
    GB 417 Turnover Original
    GZ 126 The People Original
    GB 901 Acid Lite Original
    GN 128 Algarve Original
    GM 117 Rocking Original
    GB 151 Big Enuff Original
    GK 155 Tin Toy Original
    GO 101 Sea Traffic Original
    GK 169 Perspective Original
    GK 182 Upside Up Original
    GN 136 Sex Teaze Original
    LR 108 Notebook Original
    GK 707 Top Class Original
    GK 151 Sol Original
    GK 167 Loden Original
    GK 402 Black Line Original
    LR 111 Poissoniare Original
    GV 108 Quasimodo Original
    GN 131 Tarot Original
    GN 132 Silver Patch Original
    LW 123 Seventeen Seven Original
    LK 138 Giro Del Mondo Original
    GR 116 Collage Door Original
    SCG 100 Golden Globe Original
    SDK 108 Mint Drops Original
    GK 708 Dropa Original
    GM 114 Screw Driver Original
    SCN 105 Alabamaa Original
    SAN 106 May Day Original
    SBK 103 Bagnino Original
    SEB 100 Black Jack Original
    SDK 900 Seaweed Original
    SBK 106 Point Break Original
    SDK 116 Spark Vessel Original
    SLM 104 Salsa Musical
    SLN 102 Black Awake Musical
    SSK 108 Rusher Stopwatch
    SSK 106 Vitesse Stopwatch
    SDK 114 Red Marine Original
    YGG 102 Sangue Blue Irony
    YGS 103 Ocean Store Irony
    YGG 400 Handsome Prince Irony
    YSG 101 Quartier Latin Irony
    YGS 400 Happy Joe Blue Irony
    YGS 400c Happy Joe Blue Irony
    YDS 402c Water Reflex Irony
    YGS 402 Crowned Head Irony
    SDM 100 Black Gondola Original
    SBM 101 Waterpower Original
    SCG 102 Inspyral Original
    SCN 110 Power Steel Original
    GZ 121 Lots of Dots Original
    YDS 101 Green Coral Irony
    GK 137 Asetra Original
    GZ 151 Oracolo Original
    SKK 104 Salzburg Original
    GZ 115 Golden Jelly Original
    GR 112 Chiccirichi Original
    PWZ 106 Soupe de Poisson Pop
    GZ 148 Magic Spell Original
    GZ 117 Fleake Original
    GZ 118 Horizon Original
    GZ 119 360 Rogue Sur Blackout Original
    GZ 120 Animal Wheel Original
    GZ 152 Light Tree Original
    GZ 140 Xmas Original
    Olympic Legends Box
    GW 116 Black Minutes Original
    GB 162 White Hours Original
    SLZ 103 Paulo Mendonca Original
    GB 178 Annie Leibovitz Original
    PWK 153 Bottone Original
    GZ 700 Looka Original
    SCZ 103 Unlimited Chrono
    GN 134 Space People Original
    PWK 190 Enjoy It Pop
    SDZ 101 C-Monsta Original
    GZ 136 Atlanta 1996 Original
    SCL 100 Flash Arrow Chrono
    SKZ 103 Garden Turf Original
    GZ 153 Unesco Original
    GZ 129 Crystal Surprise Original
    SCZ 101 IOC Chrono
    PWK 168 Putti Pop
    GZ 123 Sam Francis Original
    SCZ 400 Gold Medal Chrono

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